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An industry overview plus profiles on each of the Big Four: Omnicom Group, WPP Group, Interpublic Group of Cos. and Publicis Groupe.
Revenue grows 8.6%, propelled by digital
By Bradley Johnson

DataCenter Analysis: Agencies: Jobs, Stocks
Revenue totals by discipline

The Big Four: Year in Review
Omnicom Group
WPP Group
Interpublic Group of Cos.
Publicis Groupe

Big Four's take of $31.1 billion by discipline (a PDF file)

Biggest agency companies, worldwide agencies and U.S. agencies. Top shops in digital, direct and other marketing services.
World's Top 50 Agency Companies
Top 25 U.S. Agencies From All Disciplines
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Top World and U.S. Media Agencies
U.S. Ad Agencies Ranked by Revenue
U.S. Marketing Services Agencies Ranked by Revenue
World's Largest Ad Agencies
Worldwide Independent Agency Networks

Rankings by Discipline
Top U.S. Digital Agencies
Top U.S. Search Agencies
Top U.S. Direct Marketing Agencies
Top U.S. Promotion Agencies
Top U.S. Healthcare Agencies
Top U.S. Multicultural Agencies
Includes rankings of agencies with revenue from marketing to Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians.
Yellow Pages Agencies


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The following corrections and clarifications are from Agency Report 2008 (AA, May 5):

• Estimated 2007 revenue for Interpublic Group's Reprise Media was $12 million (not $7.8 million).
• Estimated 2007 revenue for Omnicom Group-backed Critical Mass was $73.5 million (not $67 million).
• Estimated 2007 U.S. revenue for Havas' Euro RSCG Worldwide network was $404 million in 2007 and $393 million in 2006. (The "Top 15 Consolidated Agency Networks" chart incorrectly listed Euro RSCG's worldwide revenue as U.S. revenue.)
• International Marketing & Sales Group is an agency holding company operating in Russia and other markets. It was incorrectly listed as an independent agency network.
• The 2006 ranking of IBM Corp. (IBM Interactive) among the world's top 25 agency companies should have been marked "NA" (not 73).
• Interpublic's Berenter Greenhouse & Webster is a general-market ad agency. The Agency Report poster incorrectly described it as a health-care agency.

Updated rankings based on the data revisions are in the charts and graphics listed above.
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