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Agency Report is Advertising Age's annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing-services agencies. The report includes rankings based on U.S. and worldwide revenue. Agency Report 2012 appeared in Ad Age 's print edition (April 30, 2012) and in expanded form on The online version includes Agency Family Trees, a database showing fast facts, executives, links and more content related to holdings of the world's 50 largest agency companies.

Ad Age has published Agency Report every year since 1945. This is the 68th annual Agency Report.

AGENCY REPORT 2012 ONLINE: The report includes Agency Family Trees 2012, produced as a poster in Ad Age 's April 30, 2012, print issue (holdings of the world's Big Four agency companies; world's 25 largest networks) and as an online database at (holdings of the world's 50 largest agency companies).

Expanded content from the Agency Report is available at The database and expanded online report are part of premium content available to Ad Age DataCenter subscribers. Please visit or email [email protected] for subscription information.

INDUSTRY CONTACTS: Ad Age 's exclusive 2012 agency executive contact list is available for purchase. The list includes names, titles and contact information for more than 3,000 agency executives from the nation's 900-plus largest advertising, media and marketing-services agencies.

SOURCES: Information for Agency Report 2012 came from questionnaires submitted by agencies and from additional analysis by Ad Age .

Most agencies submit revenue and other data on the questionnaire. Publicly held agency firms sometimes prefer not to reveal revenue for specific agencies, so figures for those agencies and some independent shops are based on Ad Age DataCenter estimates.

AGENCIES BY DISCIPLINES: Ad Age evaluates ad agencies and marketing-services agencies for breakout rankings by discipline. For these rankings, Ad Age applies a 75% rule:

If revenue from a particular discipline represents less than 75% of an agency's total revenue, only revenue attributed to that discipline is shown for that agency in the chart.

However, if the discipline accounts for 75% or more of an agency's total revenue—implying the discipline is the foundation of that agency—then an agency is ranked in that discipline at 100% of revenue.

ESTIMATES: An asterisk next to an agency name indicates Ad Age DataCenter estimate. Ad Age revised some 2010 estimates, mainly to reconcile revenue with agency, network or sector figures that agency firms disclose.

PRO FORMA RESULTS: Ad Age DataCenter reports revenue for agency networks and agencies on a pro forma basis where possible. Revenue shown for agency companies is revenue as stated by companies or, where indicated, Ad Age estimates. 2011 and 2010 revenue and rankings are based on data collected and/or adjusted in 2012, so the 2010 ranking for an agency company, network or agency may be different from the 2010 ranking that appeared in the April 2011 report (Agency Report 2011).

FOREIGN CURRENCIES: Ad Age converted 2011 revenue to dollars using 2011's average annual exchange rates and 2010 revenue to dollars using 2010's average annual exchange rates.

AGENCY REPORT 2013: Agencies wanting to receive a questionnaire for 2013's report may email [email protected]. New questionnaires will be available for download in January 2013 at

STAFF: Agency Report 2012 was produced by Ad Age DataCenter. Directors: Bradley Johnson, Kevin Brown. Report staff: Keri Lynch, Catherine Wolf, Madalyn Hoerr, Shane Krim, Shawna Lent, Matt Watson.

Email Ad Age 's DataCenter: [email protected]

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