Agency Report Corrections and Amplifications

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The following corrections and amplifications are based on rankings published May 1 in the 62nd annual Agency Report. The changes also have been made in the Agency Report PDF found at

Tequila, New York, the marketing-services arm of TBWA Worldwide, was inadvertently left off the marketing-services U.S. rankings (Pages S-14, S-15). It ranks No. 67 in total marketing-services revenue at an estimated $33 million; its direct split places it 31st among direct shops at $19.8 million, and 46th among interactive shops at $13.2 million.

TBWA Worldwide should have ranked No. 12 among U.S. agency brands on estimated revenue of $170 million, up 14.9% from an estimated $148 million in 2004 (Page S-2).

Avrett Free & Ginsberg, New York, had estimated U.S. revenue of $21 million in 2005, up from $18 million in the prior year, moving the agency's ranking among U.S. agency brands to No. 82 from No. 130 (Page S-8).

Arc Worldwide's percentage increases by discipline were based on figures reported in last year's Agency Report rather than on pro-forma revenue reconfigured to reflect current operations. The Chicago-based marketing services shop, which grew an estimated 16.9% in revenue in the U.S. for all marketing services (Page S-14), advanced an estimated 31% for interactive, 50% for direct marketing and 1% for sales promotion (Page S-15).

McKinney, Durham, N.C., should have ranked No. 52 among U.S. agency brands on estimated revenue of $36.4 million, up from an estimated $24 million in 2004. McKinney had been ranked No. 76 (Page S-6).

Mosaic, Irving, Texas, 20th largest marketing-services agency in the U.S., should have been listed as Mosaic Sales Solutions, and its 2005 growth at 3% over the prior year (Page S-14).

Initiative is now the name for Initiative Media Worldwide, ranked among the world's top media specialist agencies (Page S-4). On those same media specialist charts, Carat Americas is the U.S.-related unit, and the name, Carat, should be the title associated with non-U.S. and worldwide billings rather than Carat Americas.

Kaplan Thaler Group, ranked No. 44 among U.S. agency brands, actually had growth of 23% in 2005 rather than a decline of 9% (Page S-6). n Publicis, the worldwide network, is headquartered in Paris, and not New York as reported in the Top 10 core agencies worldwide chart (Page S-12).

Leo Burnett Worldwide registered an estimated 2% growth in worldwide revenue rather than a 2% decline due to adjustments in available data. That new measurement should be reflected in the Top 25 U.S. agency brands on Page S-2 and Top 10 core agencies worldwide on Page S-12, and would break out to 3.3% growth in U.S. revenue and 1% growth in non-U.S. revenue on Page S-2.

Ross/Brown IMC, Naperville, Ill., submitted data too late to make the report. The integrated-marketing-communications agency had revenue of $3.4 million in 2005, up 9.1% from 2004.

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