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9 aQuantive
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: aQuantive, a global digital marketing company founded in 1997, is the parent company of Avenue A/ Razorfish, the U.S. interactive agency, and five international agencies, Duke, DNA, Amnesia, Neue Digitale and eCrusade; Atlas and Accipiter, providers of integrated digital marketing technologies and expertise; and DRIVEpm, MediaBrokers and Franchise Gator, performance media and behavioral targeting businesses. Avenue A/Razorfish March 6, 2007, bought Duke, a Paris-based independent interactive shop founded in 1999. Duke's clients included Nissan, McDonald's, Nike and Procter & Gamble. At the time of the purchase, aQuantive said Duke was profitable and would contribute $12-$14 million in revenue for the rest of 2007, implying Duke had expected full-year '07 revenue of $16-$19 million. Duke had 130 employees as of March '07. Purchase price, in cash, was to be determined by an earn out based on Duke profits in the three years after the purchase and Duke's net asset value on the purchase date. AQuantive in March '07 paid Duke $7.9 million "as upfront consideration on the earn out." In October 2006, Avenue A/Razorfish added two offices and 43 employees when it acquired eCrusade, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and earlier in 2006 added other interactive shops Amnesia, Sydney and Neue Digitale, Frankfurt, Germany. DNA, a London-based interactive agency, was acquired in December 2005 and folded into Avenue A/Razorfish. Atlas in 2006 acquired Accipiter, a mature, publisher ad-serving technology company. Company guidance for 2007 includes anticipated revenue of $550-$570 million and net income of $59-$64 million. In 2006, aQuantive achieved $54 million net income on $442.2 million in worldwide revenue. Of the company's international split, the U.K. represented $65.2 million of 2006 returns and $27.4 million of 2005 results.
Top executive: Brian P. McAndrews, pres & CEO
Headquarters: aQuantive/821 Second Ave., Ste. 1800, Seattle, Wash. 98104/Phone: (206) 816-8800/Fax: (206) 816-8808/URL:

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Integrated marketing agencies
Avenue A/Razorfish
Agency totals
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: Avenue A/Razorfish is a 2005 rebranding of aQuantive's collective digital marketing services offerings that include Avenue A, Razorfish and i-Frontier. Avenue A/Razorfish offers clients web advertising, website development, email services, strategic portal relationships, affiliate programs, customer targeting, analytical services, search engine marketing and creative. The shop began as Avenue A in 1997. Frontier was acquired in November 2002 and SBI.Razorfish in July 2004. As its initial step in building a global network, Avenue A/Razorfish in December 2005 bought for $4.8 million the London full-service interactive agency DNA, which had net revenue of about $9 million in its fiscal 2005. Revenue from search advertising at Avenue A/Razorfish ran about $11.7 million last year, ranking it seventh in search revenue from interactive agencies in the U.S., according to Ad Age.
Top executive: Clark Kokich, ww pres
Headquarters: Avenue A/Razorfish / 821 Second Ave., Ste. 1800, Seattle, Wash. 98104 / Phone: (206) 816-8800 / Fax: (206) 816-8808 / URL:

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