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17 George P. Johnson Co.
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: George P. Johnson Co. is an integrated event marketer operating largely in automotive and information technology industries. GPJ provides integrated event marketing strategy, creative, data and execution services through 20 global offices: event marketing services and full-scale production facilities in Auburn Hills, Mich., Torrance, Calif., Stuttgart, Germany, and Sydney, Australia; and event marketing services offices in Boston, San Francisco, London, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul and Bangalore, India. GPJ builds a strategic event portfolio for clients by integrating event strategy and selection, design, event management and measurement. In June 2006, the company formed Event Management Team, a joint venture with Encore Productions, a Las Vegas-based full-service meetings and entertainment production and audio visual equipment rental company. The venture is led by Ed Sypek, VP-operations at GPJ, and Phillip Cooper, Encore CEO. The collaboration formalizes a long-standing strategic partnership between the two companies. GPJ was founded in 1914 as a flag and decoration company.
Top executive: Robert G. Vallee Jr., CEO
Headquarters: George P. Johnson Co./3600 Giddings Rd., Auburn Hills, Mich. 48326/Phone: (248) 475-2500/Fax: (248) 475-2325/URL:

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