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23 Harte-Hanks Direct
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: Harte-Hanks Direct is the direct/interactive unit of parent Harte-Hanks Inc., a San Antonio-based company involved in customer relationship management and publishing, the latter including shoppers reaching a circulation of more than 12 million weekly in California and Florida. In 2006, Harte-Hanks restructured its Data-based Marketing Solutions operations, the unit whose numbers are represented in this report. The restructuring added to its agency business the internal data services and CRM/database business, Market Advantage, a specialized data system with a creative component for community banks and credit units, Postfuture, an email system, Sales Support Services, a website operation for B2B programs, CRM consulting and market researcher Aberdeen Group, a fourth quarter acquisition. The direct unit represents about 15% of Harte-Hanks' overall revenue. Harte-Hanks Direct resides in the parent's Direct Marketing segment. The segment's mail production, letter shop services, logistics (transporting of mail), call centers, customer care and list rentals business among others are not part of Harte-Hanks Direct. Revenue for Harte-Hanks Direct in this report is presented pro forma as if the restructuring occurred the beginning of 2005.
Top executive: Frank A. Harvey, VP, Harte-Hanks
Headquarters: Harte-Hanks Direct/2050 Cabot Blvd. West, Langhorne, Pa. 19047-1811/Phone: 215-750-6600/Fax: 215-750-7418/URL: www.harte-hanks.com

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