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48 IMC2
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: IMC� is a leading full-service interactive agency with operations that concentrate on strategy and insight, media and promotions, web development, relationship marketing and measurement and intelligence. The interactive shop has offices in Dallas, New York, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Rapid growth during the year led the agency to relocate its offices in New York to Madison Ave. Its New York staff grew by 31 from the prior year necessitating the move. Among management changes in 2006, Rob Becker was named VP-relationship marketing; John Clark, director of business intelligence; David Hawes, director of marketing; Mike Lavey, VP-finance, and Joel Gehman, VP-managing director of the Philadelphia office. Like many interactive agencies, IMC� has developed partnerships with companies who have specialized expertise that it calls on for online solutions. Strategic partners include: AT&T, Akami, Allaire/Macromedia, BEA, Bowne, FatWire Corp., IBM, Intellinet, RedDot Solutions, SAS and Usability Sciences Corp.
Top executive: Doug Levy, pres & founder
Headquarters: IMC2/12404 Park Central Dr., Ste. 400, Dallas, Texas 75251/Phone: (214) 224-1000/Fax: (214) 224-1100/URL:

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