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39 Marketing Store
Revenue ($ in millions)20062005% chg
Employees20062005% chg
Offices20062005% chg
Notes: Marketing Store, founded in 1986, is a marketing services company that focuses on in-store promotion, including merchandising and point-of-purchase. It is part of the Havi Group. In January 2007, David Bender became CEO replacing Graham Kemp, who retired. Mr. Bender moved over from sibling company Havi Global Solutions. Marketing Store recently created an Hispanic marketing division, Marketing Bodega. The unit is led by John Burn Marante, VP-managing director, who joined Marketing Store in 2005. The unit has its own creative and client service team, but draws on Marketing Store's support services, including its promotion operations (for games and competitions) and consumer products divisions. Marketing Store has 14 offices worldwide, including three in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Marketing Store's parent is Havi Group, a private company founded in 1974 to provide distribution services to McDonald's stores in the Chicago area. Havi now operates in more than 40 countries. Havi Group, in addition to Marketing Store, owns companies that provide infrastructure/logistics management, supply chain services, and equipment rental/maintenance services.
Top executive: David Bender, CEO
Headquarters: Marketing Store/701 E. 22nd St., Lombard, Ill. 60148/Phone: (630) 693-1400/Fax: (630) 693-6925/URL:

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