RSA USA, Inc., L.A. and New York - Founded: 1986

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Principals: Jules Daly, President; Marjie Abrahams, VP/Executive Producer; Fran McGivern, Executive Producer

Roster: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jake Scott, Luke Scott, Jordan Scott, Acne, Jim Sonzero, Carl Erik

Rinsch, Erick Ifergan, Hype Williams, Laurence Dunmore, Adrian Moat, Peter Bloomfield, Tom Dey, Hugh Johnson, Angel, The Malloys, John Schwartzman, Derin Seale, David Slade

Jake Scott's breathtaking direction on the Emmy-nominated "Move" practically convinced us that fortunes could be made by bottling the Scott DNA. But then again the shop's other helmers continue to prove that you don't have to be born of the family to do bloody good work. Both Laurence Dunmore and Chris Cunningham brought inspired approaches to navel-gazing on the poignant "mLife" intro "Belly Buttons," and on the jeans-dropping babes in Levi's "Up and Down." The company added heft when Erick Ifergan, who has led us deftly into bizarrely effects-heavy worlds via Sony Playstation and Nintendo, docked his ship Serial Dreamer (previously with Believe) into RSA's port, and Jim Sonzero signed on from HSI. And of course, we're anticipating RSA's angle on the next round of Fallon's BMWFilms, under the direction of Tony Scott, John Woo and Joe Carnahan, the first of which is set to debut next month.

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