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With 2002 advertising spending down, Coca-Cola Co. is trying something less flashy than its standard youth push. It's sponsoring "Charlie Rose" on PBS. The estimated $1 million a year multi-year deal puts the company front and center with a more educated and affluent crowd. "We saw a fit ... for us to communicate to a broader audience," said Charles B. Fruit, senior VP-worldwide media & alliances at Coca-Cola Co. In exchange, Coca-Cola is identified on-air as a sponsor and gets a :15 spot highlighting company values.

TechTV, the all-tech cable network, is taking a page from Apple Computer's "Switcher" campaign in a new series of on-air promotional spots. Three ads produced in-house feature on-air talent in riffs on the Apple TV spots, poking fun at the show's loyal and sometimes obsessive geeky audience. The Apple campaign features people explaining why they switched to a Mac from a PC. Said Gaynor Strachan Chun, VP-marketing, TechTV: "We thought we could do our own version with a sense of humor." QwikFIND aao14e

Walt Disney Co.'s ABC failed quickly this season with its highly-touted mystery "Push, Nevada," but the network had long-term hopes-and not just with a single series. According to the U.S. Patent Office, Disney had registered other names including "Push, Florida," "Push, Texas," "Push, California," and "Push, Colorado." But, alas, no push-over.

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