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Joe Abruzzese up for the of-course-Hillary-Clinton-is-a-lifelong-Yankees-fan award. For years at CBS he trumpeted how much more valuable broadcast TV-with its reach and power to serve as a national conversation piece-was compared to cable. Last week, as he took a primo job at Discovery Networks, he sounded more like another Joe (cable trade-group chief Ostrow). "Cable is undervalued right now," Abruzzese said. "And network has too big of a premium."

Harry Smith is suddenly hot again. He's back on CBS's floundering "The Early Show" (he was at a previous a.m. incarnation) and reupped with A&E as the host of "Biography" as the cable net tries to give that show a bit of a sleeker feel.

MSNBC continues to hiccup. Though she hasn't quite gone the way of the Scud Stud, Ashleigh Banfield-who seemed like the net's Christiane Amanpour in the wake of the Sept. 11 events last year-has seen her star tinged. Her prime-time show was canceled.

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