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Director Steven Spielberg had no problem turning "Minority Report" into a petri dish for product placement, even offering up a vision of what advertising may look like in 2054. Get ready for Arnold Schwarzenegger to weigh in. Warner Bros. has begun courting marketers to integrate their brands in three upcoming films: the next Terminator with Arnold, " T3: Rise of The Machines," set for a July 2003 release (Will Arnold sport multi-functional, weaponized Oakley sunglasses?) and new Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo films.

Super Bowl ad pricing has climbed to the $2.3 million mark. Two free-spending movie studios have locked up spots at that figure, a person familiar with the pricing said.

Even one-time hard-edged rappers can mellow. Ice-T, who grew famous in part with the song "Cop Killer" has made his debut as host of a show on TLC that focuses on "people who risk their lives every day for something more than just a paycheck." The show "Beyond Tough" has Ice interviewing paramedics, shark researchers and hazardous waste fighters. He hasn't lost all of his `tude though. TLC says his signature question is "Why the hell would you want to do this job?"

A string of doctors posted strong vital stats (ratings). HBO's "The Sopranos" with Tony's shrink Dr. Melfi topped all broadcast competition in its premiere. Dr. Phil had the best premiere for a syndicated talk show since the genre's queen, Oprah, launched. And the WB's drama "Everwood," where a big-city neurosurgeon takes his kids to Colorado, helped the net to Monday night records.

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