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New York Giants' Jason Sehorn seems to be turning into the male version of Anna Kournikova, where head-turning looks rather than recent wins are providing endorsement and entertainment opportunities. Sehorn, who's fronted for Visa and Charles Schwab, hosts a promotional week later this month on The History Channel called "Hit the Road." "We're always trying to reach out to younger male audiences," says Charlie Maday, the network's senior VP-programming.

Time may have picked the right issue to run an ad for AARP that warns, "Do not let advertising sell you on drugs you don't need." The AARP is a critic of direct-to-consumer Rx ads, which many publications have benefited from in recent years. The ad appears in the July 8 issue, which surprisingly carried no DTC pages. A coincidence? Time had no comment at presstime.

Pete Sampras could be the subject of a reality TV show when the Tennis Channel launches later this year. "At the end of the day, it's 10 o'clock at night, he's played a match," says network head David Meister. "Does Pete go home or does he go out?" Meister wants to build a genre of programs around players off the court, some likely more exciting than the graying Sampras.

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