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The Bravo network is considering offering product placement on its renowned "Inside the Actors Studio" show. The net is offering to place branded bottled water-Dasani, Aquafina, Perrier, etc.-on the table between host James Lipton and the famed impresarios-the Spielbergs, the Kingsleys-he interviews. The brands would replace pitchers of tap water. No word on why Bravo isn't seeking a tie-in with Lipton Brisk Iced Tea.

The proposed all-sports cable network to be co-owned by the NBA and AOL Time Warner is doing the anti-Michael Jordan: It's not getting off the ground. Under their new TV deal, the NBA and AOL Time Warner were expected to create the channel to carry 96 NBA games plus other acquired sports programming. But the league instead has gone for another option: a $45 million (11%) investment in its existing digital-tier NBA TV by AOL Time Warner. NBA TV, in 10 million to 15 million homes, is expected to carry the 96 games in HDTV format. One reason for the kibosh? It removes a potentially thorny issue for the league where it would have run a network in direct competition with its other rights holder ESPN. "That," says NBA Commissioner David Stern, "and it lowers our program acquisition costs dramatically and therefore lowers the fee that we'll probably be talking about with the cable operators as well."

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