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WE: Women's Entertainment planned to needle HBO with "The Real Sex in the City" as the name for its summer reality series about the dating lives of single women. Then the legal department started raising red flags since HBO runs both "Sex and the City" and "Real Sex." WE settled on "Single in the City." The series debuts in July with repackaged episodes highlighting women in Manhattan from New York's Metro channel. In August, WE will follow with a string of new episodes set in Los Angeles.

Fox plans to ring the bell on "Celebrity Boxing II" on May 22, assuming enough C-celebs can be signed. Count on it, says a Fox spokesman. If you thought a post-Sept. 11 America would lose its appetite for all that is tabloid, think again. Fox will expand the show by half an hour to 90 minutes and from three bouts to four. Buttafucco against Bobbitt is expected to be the headliner. Advertisers on "CB I" ranged from Taco Bell to VoiceStream to Chevrolet.

Vivendi Universal employees took to the streets to express their anger at CEO Jean-Marie Messier's decision to fire Canal Plus chief Pierre Lescure. He's viewed by some as a French cultural treasure; Messier didn't like pay channel Canal's money-losing ways. Messier has been under fire in France for an alleged desire to morph into an American media mogul. But even replacing Lescure with Frenchman Xavier Couture didn't lessen the gall of the Gallic.

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