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A glowing Feb. 3 New York Times Magazine article on star director Bryan Buckley focused on an epic ad for Oxygen Media set for the Super Bowl that night. But the anticipated ad never ran. The article said the cable net was negotiating a price with Fox, but implied a deal would be struck. Oxygen, however, balked at the $1.7 million price. "Every bit of information we had was that the prices were going to come down," Oxy's Gerry Laybourne said. Buckley had five ads in the Bowl, but it was the Oxy spot-now scheduled for launch later this month-that he thought would rate a 10.

American Home Products persuaded the broadcast nets to pull an ad from Bayer that AHP claimed misrepresented Advil. The spot showed Advil and Motrin (made by J&J) bottles and stated ibuprofen "may interfere" with aspirin's ability to prevent heart attacks. Bayer's assertion was based on a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The ad hit CBS Jan. 1 and was off all nets by Feb. 1.

Ivory tower-like NPR got racy last week when "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross was seemingly propositioned by Kiss' Gene Simmons, who suggested the demure Gross "welcome me with open legs." When Gross asked if he was really referring to sleeping with her, the rocker said: "Well, if you choose. But you'd have to stand in line."

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