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About the data
Advertising Age asked Equilar, an executive-compensation-research firm, to provide pay data for 100 CMO-level marketing executives and for CEOs of the nation's 10 largest publicly held media companies. Ad Age selected the companies and executives. Ad Age chose executives for the CMO list from Equilar's database, which is drawn from proxy statements and other filings of publicly traded companies. Many companies don't disclose CMO pay in proxies, so the list provides a broad sample of CMO pay but is not comprehensive.

Base salary: Annual base salary. Salaries are annualized for new executives who join company part way through year.

Bonus, incentives, perks: Bonus includes discretionary bonuses not tied to performance, such as retention awards and signing bonuses. Incentives are for nonequity incentive plans, including cash payouts from short-term and long-term performance-based incentives. Perks include benefits and perquisites.

Stock options and awards: Grant date value of new stock options and stock appreciation rights; grant date value of new stock awards and unit awards.

Total: Sum of fiscal 2007 base salary; bonus, incentives, perks; and stock options and awards. Total calculated using Equilar's grant date/annual methodology.

% change: Change in total compensation, fiscal 2007 vs. 2006.

Gains from stock options and awards: Value realized from vesting of stock options and stock awards that executive had received in earlier years.

Deferred comp. and pension value: Total value of deferred compensation plan balances at fiscal-year end; estimated value of accumulated pension benefits at fiscal-year end, if those benefits were paid as single lump sum.

Value of exec's company stock: For shares held outright. Value based on fiscal-year-end stock price.
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