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Key stats and rankings from Ad Age DataCenter reports

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Quick access to facts on marketers, media and agencies.
Quick access to facts on marketers, media and agencies.
Welcome to Annual 2012,
Ad Age 's almanac of industry data and analysis.

We pulled together key stats and rankings from Ad Age DataCenter reports to give you quick access to facts on ad-industry jobs, marketers, media and agencies.

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Where are the jobs? Digital. Internet-media companies and portals have added 16,800 jobs over the past year, and digital-media firms now account for a record one in seven U.S. media jobs. Digital-media employment is , finally, on the cusp of passing its 2000 dot-com bubble peak. Ad agencies and marketing consulting also showed good gains over the year; newspapers continued to eliminate jobs. Big picture: The U.S. economy has added 2.5 million jobs since employment hit bottom in early 2010. But the economy needs 6.3 million more jobs to get back to the all-time peak reached in January 2008.

Plus : Monthly data on advertising and media employment, in Excel

In 2012, marketers will increase U.S. ad spending 3.7%, up from 2011's 2.8% growth, according to the average of three major media-agency forecasts. Worldwide ad spending will grow 5.4%, up a percentage point from 2011's 4.4%, according to the average of forecasts from Group M (WPP), MagnaGlobal (Interpublic) and ZenithOptimedia (Publicis). Where's the world growing? Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at ZenithOptimedia, predicts: "Over the next three years, half of all global growth in ad expenditure will come from just 10 markets"—BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey), South Africa and Argentina.

Marketer Trees 2011 (updated Dec. 19, 2011)
Ad Age 's interactive database of the nation's 100 largest advertisers, updated for Annual 2012

100 Leading National Advertisers (June 20, 2011)
Largest U.S. advertisers
U.S. ad spending totals by medium
Market share for auto, retail, restaurants and wireless
Top 200 megabrands (by U.S. ad spending)
Ad spending by category

100 Global Marketers (Dec. 5, 2011)
Largest global advertisers

Ad spending growth rates: 2008 to 2013
Data from Group M , MagnaGlobal, ZenithOptimedia and Kantar Media

U.S. ad spending by sector
ZenithOptimedia estimates for major media and marketing services

Worldwide major-media spending by region
ZenithOptimedia estimates by region

Social-media gamer Zynga, the fastest-growing company on Ad Age 's Media 100, went public Dec. 16, 2011—four days after newspaper publisher Lee Enterprises, another Media 100 firm, went bankrupt. So go the changing fortunes of media. The internet is set to pass newspapers in 2012 as the second-largest U.S. ad medium (behind TV), according to ZenithOptimedia. Lee, for its part, expects a speedy bankruptcy reorganization. It became the 15th Media 100 company—six in newspapers, three in magazines, three in yellow pages, one each in cable systems, radio and film—to go through Chapter 11 between 2008 and 2011.

Media Family Trees 2011
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Digital Family Trees 2011
Ad Age database showing digital ventures of top media and agency companies
Digital Market Facts: Data on digital marketing, media, agencies and more

Digital Market 2011
Facts and figures from Ad Age 's Online Video Market and Mobile Marketing posters.

The digits are adding up. Publicis said digital work accounted for 30.2% of revenue in the first nine months of 2011, up from 28.7% in the same period of 2010. It's a similar story at WPP, which in December 2011 said digital was tracking at 30% of 2011 revenue. That's up from the 29% WPP reported in 2010 from direct, digital and interactive revenue—and up from 21% in 2006. Agencies of all types are staking digital claims, from web work and apps to social media and search. WPP's 2011 client spending with Google surged 35% to $1.6 billion; WPP Chief Executive Martin Sorrell expects "a considerable increase" in 2012.

Agency Family Trees 2011
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Agency Report (April 25, 2011)
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Consolidated agency networks
Largest U.S. agencies
Largest media agencies worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest public relations agencies
Largest digital and search agencies
Largest multicultural agencies
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