2006 Quick Reference Synopsis of the Year's Marketing and Advertising Data

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CHICAGO ( -- General Motors Corp. is the top marketer by ad spending in the U.S. but who ranks first on a global basis? A spot for Fox TV's "American Idol" on Wednesdays at prime time commands the most dollars per 30-seconds
The Ad Age FactPack is a 53-page publication available in hard copy or .pdf file.
The Ad Age FactPack is a 53-page publication available in hard copy or .pdf file.
($518,466), but how much more is that than a spot for runner-up "CSI:Crime Scene Investigation" on CBS the following night? And what about that growth in a Super Bowl 30-second spot since the $42,000 average cost paid at Super Bowl I in 1967? Omnicom Group may be the world's biggest marketing organization but how do its agency networks stack up against their competition? How big and far-reaching are those multifaceted media goliaths? It's all in the Ad Age FactPack, whether in print form on your desk, or a click away on your computer or network.

The FactPack is organized in three sections:

Advertising and Marketing section data were taken from Advertising Age's 50th annual 100 Leading National Advertisers, and the publication's 200 Megabrand and Global Marketing reports. The 100 LNA report breaks out total ad spending by media for the largest U.S. advertisers and adds an Ad Age-proprietary unmeasured number to media spending for a comprehensive U.S. ad total. The LNA report also charts hotly contested industry categories by U.S. market share and brand spending, and lists agencies serving brands of each top 100 marketer.

The Media section's primary sources are the 100 Leading Media Companies, an annual ranking of the nation's media companies by net revenue, and the Ad Age Magazine 300 report, an annual ranking of leading consumer and trade magazines by their combined gross revenue from advertising and circulation.

Ad agencies
The Agency Report section draws its content from Ad Age's 61st annual Agency Report, which ranks by revenue nearly 500 U.S. agency brands, the leading U.S. specialty and multicultural shops, the top 10 global agency brands and the world's top 50 marketing organizations -- the top four alone accounting for 56% of U.S. marketing communications spending. The Agency Report also ranks by billings the top media specialist companies in the U.S. and on an international and global basis.

Free digital download
A free .pdf edition of the full FactPack can be downloaded above.

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