2002 Women to Watch

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2002 dateline
June 3, 2002 -- Each year since 1997, Ad Age has focused this special report on women in agencies, marketing and media whose accomplishments and potential demand attention. The honorees are chosen not only because of where they are, but where they're going. In short, they are the industry's Women to Watch.
xxx Linda Thomas Brooks, Mediaworks
Buying Media for Nation's Largest Advertiser
xxx Rebeca Johnson, Frito-Lay
An Innovative Force in Ethnic Marketing
xxx Linda Sawyer, Deutsch
The CEO's Right-Hand Person
xxx Brandon Holley, 'Elle Girl'
Street Savvy in an Editor's Chair
xxx Kary McIlwain, Y&R Chicago
Her 'Halle Berry Moment'
xxx Dana Allen, Brown-Forman Corp.
Driving Southern Comfort
xxx Denise Benou Stires, Nasdaq
'Taking Stock' of Her Latest Job
xxx Lee Ann Daly, ESPN
Executive Extends Sports Reach
xxx Cindy Syacuse, Burger King
Has Outlasted Seven CEOs
xxx Hanna Gryncwajg, Bravo TV
Transforming a Cable Network's Revenue Model
xxx Anne Martin, Procter & Gamble
Makeover for a Cosmetics Unit
xxx Mary Moudry, DDB Worldwide
A President Who Does It All
xxx Elizabeth Herbst, Universal Domestic Television
Navigator of the TV Roadmap
xxx Eva Dillon, 'Jane'
Distilling It Down for Advertisers
xxx Marianne Gambelli, NBC
Riding a Winning Network
xxx Deborah Wahl Meyer, Toyota
Cutting Tracks Across the Auto Industry
xxx Catherine Bension, Select Resources International
Advertising Review Consultant With a Vision
xxx Esther Lem, Unilever
Managing a Historic Men's Product Launch
xxx Carol H. Williams, Williams Advertising
Winning the GM African-American Ad Account
xxx Katie Lacey, PepsiCo
A Maestro of Blockbuster Cola Launches

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