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Agency Report is Advertising Age's annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing-services agencies. The report includes rankings based on U.S. and worldwide revenue. Ad Age has published Agency Report every year since 1945.

Ad Age published Agency Report 2016 May 2, 2016.

A portion of the report appeared in Ad Age's May 2, 2016, print edition. Ad Age Datacenter subscribers have exclusive access to the complete report. Exclusive online content includes:

  • Agency Family Trees 2016, a database of the World's 50 Largest Agency Companies with profiles, agency holdings, financial facts and links to related content.
  • Expanded rankings of agencies by discipline.
  • Fast facts and figures on more than 900 agencies.

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• Explore Ad Age's interactive Agency Family Trees 2016

Quick access to agency profiles, data, articles and links. See what the agencies have to say about themselves.


Industry analysis by Bradley Johnson

• Annual Industry Overview
What's Up at Agencies? Revenue, Jobs, Stocks -- and Digital

Effects of FX: How a Strong Dollar Sliced Global Revenue

WPP Spent $1 Billion on Facebook Ads Last Year, and Nine Other Agency Facts You Need to Know


Biggest agency companies, networks and agencies. Largest agencies in digital, CRM/direct marketing and other disciplines.

• The Big Lists
World's 50 Largest Agency Companies
With links to Ad Age's Agency Family Trees 2016 database.

Largest U.S. Agencies From All Disciplines (900-plus agencies)
Fast facts, top executives and links to agency websites.

World's 25 Largest Consolidated Agency Networks

• Agencies By Specialty
Largest Advertising Agencies Worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest Digital Agency Networks Worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest CRM/Direct Marketing Networks Worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest Media Agency Networks Worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest Public Relations Networks Worldwide and in the U.S.
Largest U.S. Search Marketing Agencies
Largest U.S. Mobile Marketing Agencies
Largest U.S. Promotion Agencies
Largest U.S. Experiential/Event Marketing Agencies
Largest U.S. Healthcare Agency Networks

• Multicultural Agencies
Largest U.S. Hispanic-American Agencies
Largest U.S. African-American Agencies
Largest U.S. Asian-American Agencies


About Agency Report 2016 including Methodology

Agency Report Archive
1998 to present.

Agency Report Questionnaires

Ad Age's Agency Report Questionnaires are available here. If your agency missed the deadline for Agency Report 2016, fill out the questionnaire and email it to [email protected]. We'll add you to our database. Questionnaires for the spring 2017 report will be available here in January 2017.

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Ad Age's exclusive 2016 agency executive contact list is available for purchase. The list includes names, titles and contact information for key executives at the nation's 900-plus largest advertising, media and marketing-services agencies. For information on purchasing that list, email [email protected].
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