Annual 2010

Key stats and rankings from Ad Age DataCenter reports

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Quick access to facts on marketers, media, and agencies.
Quick access to facts on marketers, media, and agencies.
Welcome to Annual 2010,
Ad Age's almanac of industry data and analysis.

We pulled together key stats and rankings from Ad Age DataCenter reports to give you quick access to facts on marketers, media, jobs, stocks, search and agencies.

Marketer of the Year, Agency of Year and all of Ad Age's industry honorifics of 2009 can be found in the Winners section.

We've included an exclusive database of the nation's top 100 advertisers with a roster of their agencies, brands and executives. Access our updated database:

The recession is now history. The economy is growing. Consumer confidence in December was near its highest point of the year. There are positive signs on the jobs front. The new year won't be easy, but there are reasons to be hopeful. We hope you find Annual 2010 a useful reference as you prepare for the new year.

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Glimmer of hope on the jobs front as staffing stabilizes
Ad industry sees first employment gains in a year. But it will be a slow recovery, and some jobs aren't coming back

Ad spending heads into tepid recovery;
outlook bright for digital, pr, events

Marketers move into merger mode, seeking deals to fuel growth

Marketer Trees 2009
Ad Age's interactive database of the nation's top 100 advertisers, updated for Annual 2010

100 Leading National Advertisers (June 22, 2009)
Top U.S. advertisers
U.S. ad spending totals by medium
Market share for auto, retail, credit cards, personal care and restaurants
Top 200 Megabrands (by U.S. ad spending)
How $150 billion in ad spending was split by category

Global Marketing (Nov. 30, 2009)
Top 100 Global Marketers
Global Accounts, or "The Dots"

2009 set to show first revenue decline
for nation's top 100 media companies

Next chapter: Bankrupt media firms emerging from reorganization

Media Family Trees 2009
Ad Age's interactive database with profiles and major holdings of the nation's 100 Leading Media Companies and revenue by media sector

100 Leading Media Companies (Oct. 5, 2009)
Top 100 U.S. media companies
Top 10 media companies by sector
Total 2008 U.S. media revenue by sector
Top media properties by category a PDF file

What a spot costs (a pdf file, Oct. 26, 2009)
A table of estimated primetime TV advertising prices on five networks

Digital Family Trees 2009
An Ad Age database. Interactive ventures of top media, web portal and agency companies

More firing than hiring at ad agencies;
better prospects for marketing services

Publicis builds its digital prowess with Razorfish acquisition

Agency Family Trees 2009
Ad Age's interactive database showing holdings and revenue breakout of the world's top 50 agency companies

Agency Report (April 27, 2009)
Top agency companies
Consolidated Agency Networks (revised in Annual 2010, Dec. 28, 2009)
Top U.S. agencies
Top media agencies worldwide and in the U.S.
Top multicultural agencies
Top healthcare agencies

It's the running of the bulls
as investors bet on economic growth

Dow surges 62% from March low. Agency and media stocks soar, but marketer shares see mixed results. Market remains far below 2007 peak

So what's up with the stock market? Pure bull. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has moved north of 10,000, surging 62% since bottoming at its bear-market low in March 2009.

On the Ad Age/Bloomberg AdMarket 50 index, all 24 media and agency stocks posted 2009 gains; 23 of 26 marketer stocks are in the plus column.

Still, the stock market has recovered little more than half of its bear-market losses. The Dow is up 4,001 points from its March 2009 nadir, but the index remains 3,757 points below the all-time high reached in October 2007 (two months before the start of recession).

Investors are betting on a reviving economy. But it's an open question whether the stock market will keep surging�or when it will return to the heights of 2007�given prospects for a lackluster economic recovery.

Current AdMarket 50 Stock Prices
The Advertising Age/Bloomberg AdMarket 50 index tracks the stocks of 50 major marketer, media and agency companies.

2009 Marketer of the Year
While other automakers drove off the cliff in a brutal 2009, South Korea's Hyundai powered through with consumer-focused ideas, strong products and a high public profile.
Last: Nov. 9, 2009/Next: Oct. 18, 2010

America's Hottest Brands
Ad Age identified the upstarts and established brands that showed great innovation�and results�in a (shall we say) challenging year.
Last: Nov. 16, 2009/Next: Nov. 15, 2010

Power Players
Ad Age's ultimate power trip: 30 executives who lead marketing and drive innovation at marketers with the clout to change the game. No. 1: P&G's Marc Pritchard, global brand building officer.
Last: Nov. 2, 2009/Next: Oct. 11, 2010

Digital A-List
Ad Age's Digital Issue offered a Digital A-List featuring case studies in digital-marketing excellence.
Digital Marketer: Apple
Digital Agencies: RG/A and AKQA
Last: March 30, 2009/Next: Feb. 22, 2010

Agency A-List
MDC Partners' Crispin Porter & Bogusky has won Ad Age's agency of the year two times�for 2008 and 2004.
Last: Jan. 19, 2009/Next: Jan. 25, 2010

Small Agency Awards
Rockfish Interactive, a small (projected 2009 revenue: $7.8 million) shop whose clients include Walmart, snared agency of the year in Ad Age's first Small Agency Awards.
Last: Sept. 14, 2009/Next: July 26, 2010

Media Agencies of the Year
Media Agency of the Year: Initiative
Global Media Agency of the Year: Mindshare
Last: March 2, 2009

Entertainment A-List
Adam Fogelson, No. 1 on the A-List, moved up to chairman of Universal Pictures from president of marketing and distribution in October 2009.
Last: May 18, 2009/Next: May 24, 2010

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards
P&G and Publicis Groupe's Lapiz Hispanic Marketing, Chicago, took best-of-show campaign honors at Ad Age's Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards.
Last: Sept. 21, 2009/Next: Oct. 11, 2010

Magazine A-List
In a tough year for publishing, Ad Age examined how magazines can truly operate as brands - extending beyond print into licensing, retail, digital and cross-media content.
Magazine of the Year: Women's Health
Last: Oct. 19, 2009/Next: Oct. 4, 2010

Women to Watch
The class of 2009 for Ad Age's 13th annual Women to Watch, highlighting women in advertising, marketing and media chosen for their accomplishments and potential.
Last: June 1, 2009/Next: June 7, 2010

Media Mavens
Marketing and media executives who set the mark for media innovation.
Last: Sept. 21, 2009/Next: Sept. 20, 2010

Creativity's 2009 Awards Winners List
From the 2009 Awards issue of Ad Age's sibling,
Creativity, (for Creativity Online subscribers).
Last: Sept. 28, 2009/Next: Sept. 27, 2010

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