Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the content on the same as the print edition?
Is the full content of and Ad Age weekly print edition searchable online?

Press Releases/Story Ideas

Where do I send press releases?
Where do I send news releases?
How do I find out which reporter covers a specific area?
How do I send a letter to the Editor?
How do I get the editorial calendar?
How can I submit information related to upcoming special reports listed on the editorial calendar?
I'm a TV/radio/print reporter who needs comment from Advertising Age. Who should I contact?
Do you accept bylined articles from corporate executives?


How do I get included in the Agency Report?
What if I have questions on Data Chart numbers?

Licensing/Reprinting Ad Age Content

I'd like to reprint an article from the Advertising Age print edition or the Web site in a print publication or Web site. Who should I contact?

American Demographics

How do I submit information for American Demographics?
American Demographics?
Why did you close American Demographics?
How do I advertise around American Demographics content?


Who do I contact regarding advertising or sponsorship?
How much does an ad cost?
How do I place a classified ad?
I am running a campaign on and I need production specs.
Targeted advertising
Who do I contact regarding placing a display ad?

Advertising Age Print Edition

How do I place an ad in Advertising Age Print Edition.
How much does an ad cost?
How do I place a classified ad?
I am running an ad in Advertising Age and I need production specs.


Address change?
Where is my account number?
Problem with bill/payment.
Renew subscription.
Missed an issue?
Request a sample?
Purchase an issue?
How do I order Back Copies of Advertising Age?
List Rental?
How do I access online archives?
I recently paid for my print subscription. Why hasn't it started yet?
I'm a student. Do you have student discount rates?


How do I unsubscribe to the Daily Newsletter?
How do I change my email address?
Address change? (Valid for AA, AAC)
Where is my account #? (Valid for AA, AAC)
Problem with bill/payment. (Valid for AA, AAC, AdCritic)
Renew subscription. (AA)
Renew subscription. (AAC)
Missed an issue (AA, AAC)
Request a sample? (AA, AAC)
Purchase an issue?(AA, AAC)
List Rental. (AA, AAC)
How do I receive Point Magazine?
Digital Edition Questions? (see FAQs already created)

Madison+Vine questions

Attend Event?
I'm a teacher. Do you have school discount rates?


I subscribe to the Magazine. Why do I have to pay for archives on theWeb site?
What is the Article Archive?
What does it cost to purchase an article from the Article Archive: 1992-Present?
What if I can't find an article that I'm looking for?
How long can I access an article that I purchased in the Article Archive: 1992-Present?
Can I print out the Article Archive: 1992-Present articles that I purchased?
The article I want is from before 1992. Where can I find it?
What is the Refund Policy for the Article Archive: 1992-Present?
What is Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?


What are Paypoints?
Where can I find a list of my past transactions? Please contact [email protected]
I bought an article with PayPoints but it wasn't the one I wanted. Can I get a refund?

Website Issues

Logging in / Your Profile

Can't login?
How do I change my e-mail address on your site?
I forgot my password. What do I do?
How do I change my password?
How do I change my personal information?

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