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Data on media companies and media properties. For more media data, click on Advertising Spending, Digital and Survey sections.

Prime-time broadcast TV pricing survey, 2017-2018 Price for 30-second commercial on prime-time TV. Archived editions: 2016-20172015-20162014-20152013-20142012-2013 • 2011-20122010-20112009-20102008-2009

TV market facts and forecasts 2011
Ad Age's coverage on the 50-year mark of Newton Minow's "vast wasteland" speech.

Media companies
100 Leading Media Companies 2012
100 Leading Media Companies reports 1997 to 2012
The nation's largest media companies based on net U.S. media revenue. Ad Age produced this report through 2012.

Media Family Trees 2012
Nation's largest media companies by net U.S. media revenue. Includes significant TV, cable, print and digital holdings. Ad Age produced Media Family Trees through 2012.

Print media
Publishers Information Bureau, 2001 to 2014
Rankings of magazines by ad pages and dollars.

Magazine circulation rankings, 1998 to 2013
Semi-annual rankings of magazines by average circulation.

Newspaper circulation rankings, 1999 to 2013
Semi-annual rankings of newspapers by average circulation.

Magazine 300 reports, 1998 to 2008
Archived reports on Ad Age's ranking of 300 biggest U.S. magazines by gross revenue.

Consumer magazine linage, 1996 to 2004
Quarterly rankings of magazines by ad space sold.

Media markets
Ten Hot Media Markets, an archive
Ranking of the 10 largest media markets by media revenue per household. Most recently published: July 24, 2000.
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