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Fact Pack Feb. 28, 2004
The Ad Age FactPack
Download the 62-Page Guide to the Ad Industry
The FactPack is just that -- a jam-packed overview of the basic statistics of every aspect of the advertising and marketing industry. It is designed as a .pdf reference tool that can always be close at hand on your computer desktop.

AdverGames Jan. 3, 2005
AdAge.com AdverGame Chronicles
Tracking the Rise of a New Marketing Medium
Two thousand four was the year digital games reached critical mass as a new mainstream entertainment and advertising medium. This archive feature chronologically looks back at a year of major stories tracking this market-changing genre of interactive entertainment.

Top Ten Dec. 20, 2004
AdAge.com Top 10 for 2004
Most Popular Videos, Stories and Downloads
In 2004 AdAge.com published more than 600 videos of TV commercials and more than 2,500 other stories, features and downloadable data .pdf files. This year-end feature provides a live-link list to the top 10 most read, viewed or downloaded files of the past 12 months.

Search Engine Dec. 16, 2004
Search Engine Marketing
A Special AdAge.com Holiday Report
Search engine term-related advertising has evolved into a killer app of Internet marketing. Our three-part report takes readers inside the booming business during the holiday shopping rush.

Global Marketing Nov. 8, 2004
2004 Global Marketing Report
Including Data From 80 Countries
This annual report analyzes and charts how top marketers spent $83 billion in 80 countries and provides a global overview of the state of marketing.

Magazine Publishers Meeting Oct. 26, 2004
2004 American Magazine Conference
Full Coverage From Boca Raton
A team of Ad Age reporters were on hand for the annual American Magazine Conference where former President Bill Clinton appeared as a special guest.

Mega Brands, First Half Oct. 11, 2004
Mega Brand Report, First Half 2004
Verizon Is Biggest Advertising Spender
This is the annual first-half report that analyzes and ranks advertisers by measured U.S. ad spending in newspapers, magazines, outdoor, broadcast and cable TV and radio for 2004.

Hispanic Ad Awards Oct. 4, 2004
Hispanic Advertising Awards, 2004
Full Report With Playable Video of Winning TV Spots
In-depth report on the annual Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards competition sponsored by Advertising Age and the Association of American Hispanic Advertising Agencies.

Power Players 2004 Oct. 4, 2004
The Power Players, 2004
Annual Report on Marketing's Most Influential Executives
A report on the top men and women who control billions in measured ad spending and use it in a manner that broadly shapes the daily realities of the industry.

Media Mavens Sept. 27, 2004
Ad Age Media Mavens, 2004
The Year's 25 Standout Media Pros
In its annual report on the most important and influential media planning and buying stars of the ad industry, Ad Age honors and profiles 22 heavy hitters.

Ad Week Sept. 20, 2004
Advertising Week in New York
An Industry Celebrates Itself
Full coverage of the week-long American Association of Advertising Agencies event that turned midtown Manhattan into a advertising industry exhibition.

Media Tree Chart Aug. 23, 2004
100 Leading Media Companies Report
Tree Chart Details Who Owns What
A part of the annual Leading Media Companies report, this downloadable tree chart details the ownership and connections of the country's major media companies.

China Report Aug. 16, 2004
Inside the Asian Colossus
An Overview of China's Marketing
Ad Age's Asian bureau chief looks at the frenzied market situation in a China that has 1.2 billion consumers and the world's fastest-growing economy.

Mega Brands July 19, 2004
Full 2003 Mega Brand Report
Two U.S. Brands Top Billion-Dollar Ad Spend Mark
The annual Ad Age Megabrand report analyzes and ranks advertisers by measured U.S. ad spending in newspapers, magazines, outdoor, broadcast and cable TV and radio for all of 2003.

Leading National Advertisers June 28, 2004
Leading National Advertisers
An Annual In-Depth Report
Fourteen online charts and a 83-page downloadable .pdf provide in-depth information about sales, earnings, executive names, brands, locations, ad agencies, media buyers and more for America's 100 largest advertisers.

Hispanic Fact Pack June 21, 2004
Hispanic Fact Pack
Overview of the U.S. Hispanic Market
This is the first annual 24-page compilation of comprehensive data on the market comprised of the 40 million U.S. Hispanics who make up 13% of the population.

Cannes 2004 June 21, 2004
International Ad Festival
AdAge.com Reports From France
News stories, photo features, playable video and audio reports provide an in-depth picture of what happened at the 2004 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Women to Watch June 7, 2004
Women to Watch 2004
Twenty-Five Who Made a Difference
This annual Ad Age report focuses on women in agencies, marketing and media whose accomplishments and potential demand attention. See eight years of Women to Watch online.

Cable TV Report May 31, 2004
The Cable TV Report
Growing Impact of Distribution Giants
This Ad Age Report explores how the entertainment and communications business is being reshaped by the growing power of cable content and distribution systems.

AdTech 04 May 25, 2004
AdTech 04 Conference & Expo
News Coverage From the San Francisco Event
No longer haunted by the great dot-com bust, vendors at this year AdTech Conference struggled with a surge of new demands from marketers for all forms of online advertising and related support systems and services.

Ad Agency Profiles April 19, 2004
2004 Agency Report Profiles
Download the 52-Page Document
This is the annual Agency Report Profiles that is part of the Advertising Age Agency Income Report but which does not appear in the print edition. Available only online as a .pdf download, it provides in-depth details about the world's largest ad organizations.

Agency Income Report April 19, 2004
Annual Agency Income Report
State of the Business, 2004
An annual report and income ranking of the top advertising and marketing organizations of the world. Provides revenue figures for top U.S. advertising and media agencies.

Family Tree of Agencies April 19, 2004
Agency Report Family Tree
A 'Who Owns What' Wall Chart
Download a .pdf of the 21-by-28-inch wall poster -- a visual guide to the holdings of the world's six largest advertising organizations.

Automotive Report April 12, 2004
Automotive Special Report 2004
A Year of Reckoning
The latest information suggests that U.S. automotive marketers are struggling with too much inventory and too few sales. This report explores the the current marketing operations of eight of the biggest players.

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