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Advertising, Marketing & Media Companies

CompanyExecutive, Title, & AgeTotal 2001 Compensation*% chg2001 salary2001 bonus2001 all other

Cordiant Communications GroupCharles Scott, Chmn, 53792114.42880503

Cordiant Communications Group13Michael Bungey, CEO, 621,446-26.59420504

Grey Global GroupEdward H. Meyer, Chmn/CEO, 744,6650.02,9004501,315

Interpublic Group of Cos.Frank B. Lowe, Chmn, Lowe Group, 614,79848.91,0001003,698

Interpublic Group of Cos.James R. Heekin III, Chmn, McCann, 535,49059.19204004,170

Interpublic Group of Cos.John J. Dooner Jr., Chmn/Pres/CEO, 543,382-80.91,2505001,632

Omnicom GroupAllen Rosenshine, Chmn/CEO, BBDO Worldwide, 646,770-45.89851,1004,685

Omnicom GroupJohn D. Wren, Pres/CEO, 492,190-29.38751,30015

Omnicom GroupKeith L. Reinhard, Chmn/CEO, DDB Worldwide, 6813,628-1.89251,10011,603

WPP GroupMartin S. Sorrell, Group chief exec, WPP Group, 573,62335.91,2231,875525

WPP GroupMichael J. Dolan, CEO Young & Rubicam, 551,632696.180080032

WPP GroupPeter A. Schweitzer, Pres/CEO, J. Walter Thompson Co. 62 1,45341.5733325395

WPP GroupShelly Lazarus, Chmn/CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, 552,125-79.2850775500

AirlineExecutive, Title, & AgeTotal 2001 Compensation*% chg2001 salary2001 bonus2001 all other

AMR Corp. (1)Donald J. Carty, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 56$3,762-16.8$586$0$3,176

Delta Air Lines (2)Lee F. Mullin, Chmn/CEO, 592,179156.059601,583

Southwest Airlines (3)James F. Parker, CEO, 552,364-43.01983451,820

UAL Corp. (4) Glenn Tilton, Chmn/CEO, 543,950-56.395003,000


NikePhilip H. Knight, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 653,30125.01,3501,377573

VF Corp.Mackey J. McDonald, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 553,6282.49605302,138


Ford Motor Co. (5)William Clay Ford Jr., Chmn/CEO, 441,291-73.9001,291

General Motors Corp.G. Richard Wagoner Jr., Pres/CEO, 492,564-36.42,0000564

Beer, wine & liquor

Adolph Coors Co.Peter H. Coors, Chmn/CEO, Coors Brewing, 551,327-90.0761452114

Anheuser-Busch Cos.August A. Busch III, Chmn/Pres, 6414,040-52.11,1763,3009,564

DiageoPaul Walsh, Group chief exec, 473,50552.69911,3381,176


Hershey Foods Corp. (6)Richard H. Lenny, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 504,740NA6069003,235

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.William Wrigley Jr., Pres/CEO, 3887625.26960180


Clorox Co.G. Craig Sullivan, Chmn/CEO, 611,86647.3988500379

Reckitt BenckiserBart Becht, CEO, 4515,396194.01,090014,306


Apple ComputerSteven P. Jobs, CEO/Co-founder, 4783,996NA043,51240,485

Dell Computer Corp.Michael S. Dell, Chmn/CEO, 3782,306-59.192634781,033

GatewayTheodore W. Waitt, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 391,658NA2101,637

Hewlett-Packard Co.Carleton S. Fiorina, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 471,248-66.51,00000

IBM Corp. (7)Louis V. Gerstner Jr., Chmn, 61 127,70472.92,0008,000117,704

IBM Corp.Samuel J. Palmisano, Pres/CEO, 506,40740.51,1003,0002,307

Intel Corp.Andrew S. Grove, Chmn, 651,751-97.4525982244

Intel Corp.Craig R. Barrett, Pres/CEO, 6219,176-39.05751,07517,526

Microsoft Corp.Steven A. Balmer, CEO, 4569961.34942005

Microsoft Corp.William H. Gates, Chmn, 456670.04951720


Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (8)Peter R. Dolan, Chmn/CEO, 464,171-38.21,0331,3151,823

GlaxoSmithKlineJ.P. Garnier, Chief executive, 5410,003134.71,4293,4855,088

Johnson & Johnson (9)William C. Weldon, Chmn/CEO, 532,4512.0836872743

Merck & Co.Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 612,891-3.31,3831,5008

PfizerHenry A. McKinnell, Chmn/CEO, 5923,75947.61,5172,78119,462

Pharmacia Corp.Fred Hassan, Chmn/CEO, 563,6345.61,3732,161100

Schering-Plough Corp.Richard Jay Kogan, Chmn/CEO, 605,859-72.71,43004,429

WyethJohn R. Stafford, Chmn, 6440,52150.01,7601,96836,793


American Express Co.Kenneth I. Chenault, Chmn/CEO, 5023,78633.31,0002,21820,568

Berkshire HathawayWarren E. Buffett, Chmn/CEO, 713560.21000256

Charles Schwab & Co.Charles R. Schwab, Chmn/Co-CEO, 643,819-86.465003,169

Charles Schwab & Co.David Pottruck, Pres/Co-CEO, 534,844-93.365004,194

CitigroupSanford I. Weill, Chmn/CEO, 6842,620-81.01,00016,98724,633


Campbell Soup Co.Douglas R. Conant, Pres/CEO, 513,23786.69421,987309

ConAgra FoodsBruce C. Rohde, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 535,970508.29502,9692,051

General MillsStephen W. Sanger, Chmn/CEO, 566,09033.17849414,364

H.J. Heinz Co.William R. Johnson, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 535,19913.11,0503680

Kellogg Co.Carlos M. Gutierrez, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 483,242242.98881,2780

Philip Morris Cos.10Louis C. Camilleri, Chmn/CEO, 473,132-46.19851,465682

Sara Lee Corp.C. Steven McMillan, Pres/CEO, 553,5970.01,0001,3051,292

Personal Care

Colgate-Palmolive Co.Reuben Mark, Chmn/CEO, 6311,401-6.71,4623,4756,463

Estee Lauder Cos.Fred H. Langhammer, Pres/CEO, 588,984-23.42,0001,5005,484

Gillette Co.James M. Kilts, Chmn/CEO, 542,788NA9481,250590

Kimberly-Clark Corp.Wayne R. Sanders, Chmn/CEO, 5414,768340.7950013,818

Procter & Gamble Co.A.G. Lafley, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 558,908229.71,3702,2505,288

UnileverAntony Burgmans, Chmn Unilever NV, 553,064-18.19321,0601,072

UnileverNiall FitzGerald, Chmn Unilever PLC, 563,00647.41,2111,378417


Darden RestaurantsJoe R. Lee, Chmn/CEO, 615,4268.97751,0863,565

McDonald’s Corp.Jack Greenberg, Chmn/CEO, 595,63210.81,3751,2003,058

Wendy’s InternationalJohn T. Schuessler, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 513,35265.27901,717845

Yum BrandsDavid C. Novak, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 495,257119.49461,2833,029


Best Buy Co.Richard M. Schulze, Chmn/CEO/founder, 6111,380-44.01,0501,7028,628

Circuit City StoresW. Alan McCollough, Pres/CEO, 521,99564.49501,0450

Dillard’sWilliam Dillard II, CEO, 57867-1.07100157

Federated Dept. StoresJames M. Zimmerman, Chmn/CEO, 581,777-41.41,25045077

Home DepotRobert L. Nardelli, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5323,109-25.01,5295,00016,581

J.C. Penney Corp.Allen Questrom, Chmn/CEO, 623,454-79.11,3081,897248

Kmart Corp. (11)James B. Adamson, Chmn/CEO, 552,443-16.41,0991,28163

Lowe’s Cos.Robert L. Tillman, Chmn/CEO, 5820,687NA9351,91617,836

May Department Stores Co.Eugene S. Kahn, Pres/CEO, 521,774-15.51,371190213

Office DepotBruce Nelson, Chmn/CEO, 573,1209.11,0001,0001,120

Sears, Roebuck & Co.Alan J. Lacy, Chmn/CEO, 482,25330.1900673680

Target Corp.Robert J. Ulrich, Chmn/CEO, 5816,071166.51,4153,70010,955

Wal-Mart StoresH. Lee Scott, Pres/CEO, 5311,05623.91,1231,7858,148

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola Co.Douglas N. Daft, Chmn/CEO, 5855,122-39.91,5003,50050,122

PepsiCoRoger A. Enrico, Vice chmn, 574,933-42.704,500433

PepsiCoSteven S. Reinemund, Chmn/CEO, 535,50935.79853,5001,024


Alltel Corp.Joe T. Ford, Chmn/CEO, 643,598-39.11,0001,2501,348

AT&T Corp.C. Michael Armstrong, Chmn/CEO, 639,58940.31,8002,2145,575

AT&T WirelessJohn D. Zeglis, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 543,459-55.41,1031,2461,110

BellSouth Corp.F. Duane Ackerman, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 593,276-35.91,3001,702274

Nextel CommunicationsTimothy M. Donahue, Pres/CEO, 531,309-95.9511696102

SBC CommunicationsEdward E. Whiteacre Jr., Chmn/CEO, 6025,048-33.82,0673,80019,182

Sprint Corp.William T. Esrey, Chmn/CEO, 621,523-97.51,075213235

Verizon CommunicationsCharles R. Lee, Chmn/Co-CEO, 6221,759102.81,7502,84417,165

Verizon CommunicationsIvan G. Seidenberg, Pres/Co-CEO, 5513,48939.11,5002,4389,552

WorldCom (12)Bernard J. Ebbers, Pres/CEO, 601,048-90.51,000048

WorldComBert C. Roberts Jr., Chmn, 591,132-95.41,050082


HasbroAlan G. Hassenfeld, Chmn/CEO, 531,102-34.91,006097

MattelRobert A. Eckert, Chmn/CEO, 472,183-82.81,250803130

BroadcastExecutive, Title, & AgeTotal 2001 Compensation*% chg2001 salary2001 bonus2001 all other

General Electric Co. (14)Jeffery R. Immelt, Chmn/CEO, 4645,690NA3,32510,00032,365

News Corp.K. Rupert Murdoch, Chmn/CEO, 719,20621.54,3573,0001,849

Univision CommunicationsRay Rodriguez, Pres/COO, 5110,259602.680009,459

ViacomMel Karmazin, Pres/COO, 5815,389-9.93,30012,00089

ViacomSumner Redstone, Chmn/CEO, 7815,601-9.03,30012,000301

Walt Disney Co.Michael D. Eisner, Chmn/CEO, 591,004-98.61,00004

Young BroadcastingVincent J. Young, Chmn/CEO, 542,009-36.5998749262


AOL Time Warner (15)Richard D. Parsons, CEO, 5328,203282.51,000027,203

AOL Time WarnerStephen M. Case, Chmn, 43128,29275.71,0000127,292

Cablevision Systems Corp.James L. Dolan, Pres/CEO, 617,108124.61,60005,508

Comcast Corp.Brian L. Roberts, Pres, 424,831-53.51,1031,6542,075

Cox CommunicationsJames O. Robbins, Pres/CEO, 591,534-50.19935356

EchoStar Communications Corp.Charles W. Ergen, Chmn/CEO, 492,163-79.02507501,163


Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaMartha Stewart, Chmn/CEO, 602,7041.29001,157648

McGraw-Hill Cos.Harold W. McGraw III, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 532,953-22.89676601,326

Meredith Corp.William T. Kerr, Chmn/CEO, 611,8770.6725375777

Penton MediaThomas L. Kemp, CEO, 501,44424.960050794

Playboy EnterprisesChristie Hefner, Chmn/CEO, 49957-27.860034710

PrimediaThomas S. Rogers, Chmn/CEO, 471,259-37.41,248010

Reader’s Digest Assn.Thomas O. Ryder, Chmn/CEO, 581,755-22.8750725280

Reed ElsevierCrispin H. Davis, Chief executive, 521,652-1.81,16845429


A. H. Belo Corp.Robert W. Decherd, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 501,141-43.48890252

Dow Jones & Co.Peter R. Kann, Chmn/CEO, 592,969-12.09222601,788

E.W. Scripps Co.Kenneth W. Lowe, Pres/CEO, 515,65145.280004,851

Gannett Co.Douglas H. McCorkindale, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 6211,29452.01,6001,8507,844

Journal Register Co.Robert M. Jelenic, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 512,71074.89501381,622

Knight-RidderP. Anthony Ridder, Chmn/CEO, 613,80114.293602,865

Lee EnterprisesRichard D. Gottlieb, Chmn/CEO, 605,590187.22059504,435

McClatchy NewspapersGary B. Pruitt, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 441,92659.2825300801

Media GeneralJ. Stewart Bryan III, Chmn/CEO, 634,512265.887503,637

New York Times Co.Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., Chmn, 503,264-6.992002,344

New York Times Co.Russell T. Lewis, Pres/CEO, 544,24017.792003,320

Pulitzer Co.Robert C. Woodworth, Pres/CEO, 542,3421.16792731,390

Tribune Co.John W. Madigan, Chmn/CEO, 642,967-45.797701,990

Washington Post Co.Donald E. Graham, Chmn/CEO, 5680938.64000409

Non-profitExecutive, Title, & AgeTotal 2001 Compensation*% chg2001 salary2001 bonus2001 all other

Advertising CouncilPeggy Conlon, Pres/CEO, 5136034.6339021

Advertising Research FoundationJames Spaeth, Pres/CEO, 5434830.6333015

American Advertising FederationWallace Snyder, Pres, 61250-4.4231019

American Assn. of Advertising AgenciesO. Burtch Drake, Pres, 6264124.6603038

American Business MediaGordon T. Hughes, Pres, 6245463.33490105

American Legacy FoundationCheryl Healton, Pres/CEO, 49345169.5247098

American Marketing AssociationDennis Dunlap, CEO, NA 284NA28400

Audit Bureau of CirculationsMichael J. Lavery, Pres/Mg dir, 5242713.6409018

BPAI Glenn Hansen, Pres/CEO, 4432324.9303020

Cable & Telecomm. Assn. for MarketingChar A. Beales, Pres/CEO, NA 50714.4493014

Cabletelevision Advertising BureauJoseph W. Ostrow, Pres, 704750.0420055

Cellular Telecomm. & Internet Assn.Thomas E. Wheeler, Pres, 561,27820.69180360

Food Marketing InstituteTimothy Hammonds, Pres, 5889310.45880305

International Advertising Assn. (16)Richard M. Corner, Exec dir, NA 2226.7186036

Motion Picture Assn. of AmericaJack Valenti, Pres/CEO, 801,1699.81,110059

National Assn. of BroadcastersEdward O. Fritts, Pres/CEO, 61459-43.8390069

National Assn. of TV Program ExecsBruce Johansen, Pres/CEO, 6160818.1540068

National Cable & Telecomm. Assn. Robert Sachs, Pres/CEO, 531,091NA1,081010

Outdoor Advertising Assn. of AmericaNancy J. Fletcher, Pres, 48456-7.1426030

Notes to executive salaries
*Total compensation (in thousands) includes salary, bonus, and “all other”, a combination of various forms of payment in the proxy statement: long-term incentive payouts, realized gains from the sale of stock options, and columns variously labeled “other” annual compensation and “all other” compensation.

1. AMR’s Donald J. Carty waived his base salary from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 as did several other top AMR execs.
2. Salary for Delta Air Lines’ Lee F. Mullin in 2000 was for six months. He also waived his salary from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2001.
3. Southwest Airlines’ Frank F. Parker replaced Herbert D. Kelleher as CEO in June 2001. He waived his salary from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1. He previously was VP-general counsel.
4. UAL’s Glenn Tilton became chairman/CEO in September 2002, replacing interim CEO John W. Creighton who took over in late 2001 from James E. Goodwin after Mr. Goodwin was let go. Mr. Tilton’s current year compensation is annualized for 2002 and based on his contract. His prior-year numbers are what he drew in 2001 from ChevronTexaco Corp. where he was vice chairman.
5. William Clay Ford Jr. became chairman/CEO at Ford Motor Co. in October 2001 at the retirement of Jacques Nasser, former president/CEO.
6. Hershey’s Richard H. Lenny added to his president/CEO position the title of chairman at the retirement in March 2002 of Kenneth L. Wolfe.
7. IMB Corp. Chairman Louis V. Gerstner Jr., relinquished his CEO title in early 2002 to Samuel J. Palmisano, then president/COO, and will leave IBM this year to become chairman of Carlyle Group.
8. Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Chairman/CEO Peter R. Dolan became CEO in May 2001 and chairman in September 2001 at the retirement of Charles A. Heimbold.
9. William C. Weldon became chairman/CEO of Johnson & Johnson in April 2002, replacing Ralph S. Larsen, who retired. Mr. Weldon was vice chairman.
10. Salary for Philip Morris Cos.’ Chairman/CEO Louis C. Camilleri was for his position as senior VP/CFO in 2001, prior to his election as CEO in April 2002 and chairman in August at the retirement of then Chairman Geoffrey C. Bible.
11. James. B. Adamson replaced Charles Conaway as chairman/CEO of Kmart Corp. when Mr. Conaway was terminated in March 2002. Mr. Adamson’s pay is from his former employer, Advantica Restaurant Group, where he was chairman/CEO.
12. Bernard J. Ebbers resigned as president/CEO of Worldcom in April 2002, and was replaced temporarily by the company’s Vice Chairman John Sidgmore. Mr. Sidgmore led the search team that named Michael D. Capellas the new CEO in mid-November.
13. Cordiant CEO Michael Bungey retires March 2003 and will be replaced by David Hearn, CEO of Bates Worldwide.
14. Jeffery R. Immelt became chairman/CEO of General Electric Co. in January 2001, replacing Jack Welch who retired.
15. Richard D. Parsons became CEO in early 2002 after the retirement of former CEO Gerald M. Levin. Mr. Parsons had been co-chief operating officer.
16. Richard M. Corner, executive director, carried the top salary at the International Advertising Association in 2001, during the time of transition between the retirement of Norman Vale and the hiring of Wally O'Brien as director general.

Total compensation among non-profits is the most recent filing from the IRS. Few non-profit execs receive bonuses. “All Other” generally includes benefits, expenses and other allowances.

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