Why This Data Exec Never Says Big Data Anymore

A Q&A with Ad Age Data Conference Speaker Diego Panama of LiveRamp

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Moving offline data to digital platforms is becoming commonplace for all sorts of companies, whether it be to target their current customers online, measure for attribution or determine the impact of digital marketing on in-store sales. Acxiom-owned LiveRamp was among those at the forefront of so-called data onboarding.

In advance of his appearance at Ad Age's Data Conference on Oct. 8, Diego Panama, managing director of strategic partnerships at LiveRamp, talked about what he thinks of the hype around big data.

Ad Age: When's the last time you used the term "big data"? Has the hype diluted or altered its meaning?

Mr. Panama: I can't remember the last time I used the term big data. I don't think it has to do with diluted hype or new meaning, but rather better understanding of data. Big Data is just too generic so now we talk about more specifics -- like transaction data, exposure data or all up marketing data -- and there is an understanding that it is not an Excel spreadsheet but rather something that requires proper analytical environments, processing power, etc.

Ad Age: What type of data did you last evaluate as part of your job and why?

Mr. Panama: A mobile exposure log. The goal was to compare it to a display exposure file and an offline transaction file to measure cross-screen impact.

Ad Age: What's the most significant, recent advancement in data-related products or services that's had an impact on your work?

Mr. Panama: The ability to connect many data sources with one anonymous link that is tied to a single consumer and is consistent over time.

Join Mr. Panama, along with Hearst's David Katz and Michael Schoen of Neustar at Ad Age's Data Conference October 8 in NYC where they'll discuss how companies are connecting the real-world and digital dots.

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