E-Trade and eBay Join Ad Age Data Conference October 28-29

Head of Data Labs at eBay Will Discuss Promotions and Privacy

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Kerry Bianchi, VP Media and Acquisition, E-Trade
Kerry Bianchi, VP Media and Acquisition, E-Trade

How can you strike the right balance between getting closer to your customers with just-for-them promotions and protecting their privacy? Find out in our opening session at the Ad Age Data Conference, October 28–29 in New York City, where we'll talk with one of the world's leading brands in customer personalization, eBay. The company's head of digital display, Glenn Fishback, and head of data labs, Vadim Kutsyy, will join us for a fireside chat on "Personalization, Commerce and Customers." You won't want to miss it!

Also new on the program: E-Trade's Kerry Bianchi will talk about how data led to a total shift in brand messaging. What went into the decision to scrap its celebrated Baby campaign to adopt its new "Type E" campaign? What did the data reveal that led to this change? And, going forward, how are they using this experience as a model for future decision-making?

Ad Age Data will also feature the latest on data innovation from celebrated brands Coca-Cola, Facebook, Kraft, Estee Lauder, and more. Be sure to reserve your spot today. We're offering a limited 10% discount this week only to those who use the discount code DATAREADER.

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