How This Lawn-Tool Maker Found Greener Shopper-Data Grass

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Chervon's EGO lawn mower
Chervon's EGO lawn mower Credit: EGO Power+ via YouTube

It's not often that someone is in the market to buy new lawn equipment. But every seven or eight years when that time rolls around manufacturers like Chervon want to be there.

Working with Bazaarvoice, which enables consumer ratings and reviews across 5,000 brand and retailer sites, tracking over 100 million product pages, Chervon has been able to find -- and perhaps more important, qualify -- potential buyers based on a variety of data signals showing consumer engagement with product information and purchase behavior, even on competitors' websites.

Chervon makes lithium-battery operated lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, and wanted to ensure that consumers were not only aware of their EGO tool brand, but were aware that cordless lawn equipment was available in the first place. But the company wanted to avoid basic retargeting, or delivering ads for their products simply because someone ended up on a product page.

Chervon typically receives high ratings in reviews of its products, said Joe Turoff, VP of sales and marketing at Chervon North America. Based on that, he said, "We wanted to build a very strong loyalty loop."

After launching multiple campaigns in many channels at the start of this year, Chervon found that the data Bazaarvoice used to refine consumer targets stood out when it came to getting closer to in-market shoppers and moving them towards conversion.

The idea was to go deeper. The companies looked at three key factors to determine whether people were well-qualified to be targeted with ads for EGO Power equipment. Bazaarvoice enables ad targeting for clients through inventory it purchases from ad exchanges including DoubleClick and Facebook.

When people searched for or visited product pages associated with Chervon's competitor brands in particular categories including leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws, those consumers were filtered based on additional information including the number of times a shopper viewed a product in a category, the number of reviews she read and sentiment analysis of those reviews, and whether someone conducted a purchase transaction.

The companies would not name actual competitors chosen by Chervon in its audience analysis and targeting; however, other lithium battery powered lawn equipment brands include Ryobi, Black and Decker and Kobalt.

Once a purchase is made, Bazaarvoice captures that purchase activity data and feeds it back into its system. As a result, a consumer will be removed from an audience of people in consideration mode, and possibly added to a segment for targeting ads for related accessories.

"We are seeing that data and capturing that data at that moment," said Graham Harris, VP of brand partnerships at Bazaarvoice. The company builds profiles of shoppers based on individual behavior, but does not pass along any personally-identifiable data to advertisers. In some cases website partners require user registration to leave reviews or ratings, but Bazaarvoice does not capture that personally-identifiable data in such cases, said Mr. Harris.

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