Mobile Data Firm PlaceIQ Adds Addressable TV to Cross-Media Mission

Starcom Broadens Work with PlaceIQ to Include Household-Targeted TV

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Duncan McCall wants mobile location data to apply to all ad targeting -- from direct mail to mobile and TV. Now, in addition to mobile, the CEO and co-founder of mobile location data firm PlaceIQ has addressable television covered. The company announced an extension of its work with Starcom MediaVest Group this week which takes PlaceIQ's location data showing specific businesses people have actually visited and matches it to particular households through third-party matching partner Acxiom for set-top box targeting.

Many advertisers will want to use the offering to aim ads to people who have frequented rivals' locations, suggested Mr. Duncan. For instance, a restaurant chain might target ads to people who in the past visited its locations but have been spotted eating with the competitor more recently.

"Hypothetically you should be able to apply this to direct mail, to email, to out-of-home," said Mr. McCall.

The system works on the flip side, too, helping advertisers measure the impact of TV spots aimed at specific households on visits to the restaurants and car dealerships that advertise. Two years ago, PlaceIQ and SMG partnered to use the mobile data firm's information to measure how mobile campaigns affected store visits.

PlaceIQ uses opt-in mobile app location data -- the information consumers allow access to when they download most free mobile applications -- to detect when devices are present at specific locations. The system can measure locations down to a 100x100 meter level, and the company stresses that the IDs are hashed or altered to protect consumer privacy. Mr. McCall said the audience profile data and associated device IDs PlaceIQ passes to Acxiom for matching is anonymized and not personally identifiable.

Also anonymous are the companies using the service.

Promoting the addressable TV capability, deemed SMG MAPS TV by the media agency, has been a long time coming. Indeed, Mr. McCall said the company intended to publicize it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada in January, but held out in the hopes of being able to discuss names of advertisers using the location data-based TV targeting. He said he was unable to even discuss the number of advertisers or campaigns that have employed the targeting.

He also said SMG and PlaceIQ are negotiating whether the agency will have exclusive rights to using the location data for addressable TV.

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