How Nets CMO Fred Mangione Plans to 'Own Brooklyn' With Smart Data, Great Content

A Q&A with Ad Age Data Conference Speaker Fred Mangione of the Brooklyn Nets

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Fred Mangione, Brooklyn Nets
Fred Mangione, Brooklyn Nets

Fred Mangione is CMO and CRO of the National Basketball Association's Brooklyn Nets and its new home auditorium, the Barclays Center. The Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn last season and are quickly establishing themselves as a team the New York borough's residents can get behind.

Ad Age chatted with him about his plans to broaden the fan base to other New York boroughs, and which NBA teams are extra smart about data.

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Ad Age: The Brooklyn Nets are building a new fan base, while hoping to maintain the historical fan base from the team's previous life in New Jersey. What is the data telling you about your current fans?

Mr. Mangione: When we transformed the brand and relocated the team, we took the approach that we were an expansion team. We started from scratch. We started the foundation to obtain new fans, while engaging with our current fans. However, the data shows that only a small percentage of our New Jersey fans have followed us to Brooklyn. Our goal is to own Brooklyn and in year two expand to engage the other boroughs.

Ad Age: How are you using information about who's following the team in social media to understand the team's fans and segment that audience?

Mr. Mangione: We know our Nets Nation is young, tech savvy and eager to consume content at all times. We are very strategic about how we engage this audience. The focus for social media is on content and not so much the sales messaging. Our philosophy is that if we give them great content, they'll continue to engage with us and eventually purchase a game ticket and/or team merchandise.

Ad Age: What's your sense of how NBA teams match up against other sports leagues in their sophistication in using data on the business side? What NBA teams stand out as leaders?

Mr. Mangione: The NBA does an incredible job of staying ahead in many areas. Data is one of these areas. The NBA really educates the teams in direct marketing, customized marketing and ensuring that we know one size doesn't fit all. I'll say that the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Orlando Magic do a great job of drilling down and customizing their marketing message. Orlando has a robust data team of eight people and they have the technology to support their efforts.

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