Oracle Sees Future in Traditional Targeting

TV Buyers Want Demographic Targeting for Digital, Too

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Oracle's Redwood Shores, CA headquarters.
Oracle's Redwood Shores, CA headquarters. Credit: Jason Doiy/iStock

The evangelists of cutting-edge audience data and targeting are embracing the traditional.

Oracle, owner of digital data pioneers BlueKai and Datalogix, now offers gender and age targets that are validated using Nielsen and Comscore verification. Why? As TV buying merges with digital ad buying -- especially digital video -- it is seeing increased interest in campaigns that target audiences using traditional age and gender demographic data. Oracle Data Cloud's Validated Demographics aims to ensure advertisers they are reaching the demographics they're looking for.

"We know the industry will go, 'Wait a minute, you guys are the science guys,'" said Eric Roza, senior VP of Oracle Data Cloud. "The epiphany for us is age and gender is actually going to keep increasing."

Growth in digital video buying in particular is driving the trend, said Omar Tawakol, general manager of Oracle Data Cloud.

Over the past three months, Oracle Data Cloud has used Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings and Comscore's Validated Campaign Essentials to verify more than 200 million cookies representing age and gender targets. The system was designed to detect targets that are not actually representative of the demographic groups they're supposed to be.

Oracle's Omar Tawakol and Eric Roza.
Oracle's Omar Tawakol and Eric Roza. Credit: via Oracle

The additional validation could help reduce requests for make-goods when ads are served to the wrong demographic target.

Demographic targeting is nothing new for AOL, which allows advertisers to target campaigns using the new age and gender segments. But the convergence of digital and TV ad buying is boosting the need to refine that traditional targeting approach, said Robert Finora, VP-business development for AOL.

"You do have more robust cross-screen TV-to-digital solutions and data in the marketplace," said Mr. Finora, who believes use of those types of platforms is inspiring some marketers to apply traditional TV buying approaches to digital buys. "This is really just an evolution of sorts."

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