Deal Gives Rentrak Credit-Card-Level Spending Data from Kantar

TV Data Firm Will Get Data From WPP's Kantar Shopcom

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Chris Wilson, Rentrak
Chris Wilson, Rentrak

An expansion of Rentrak's partnership with WPP's Kantar will bring credit and debit card-level retail transaction data to the TV audience data firm. Following its acquisition of WPP's Kantar Media US TV measurement-data business in December, Rentrak on Tuesday said it will incorporate data from WPP's Kantar Shopcom showing how much people spend at apparel and home improvement stores into its system for audience segmentation and media planning.

Rentrak already ingests shopper data showing CPG purchases from partners IRI and Dunhumby. However, those provide insight into actual products purchased rather than measuring the amount of money people spend on certain types of products like fireplace accessories or outdoor furnishings from home improvement stores. The idea is to determine what shows people who spend a certain amount on certain product categories watch on TV.

The additional data will help advertisers "understand the value of television viewers based on their spending," said Chris Wilson, Rentrak's president of national TV. For now, he said the data would be used to inform traditional TV buys rather than to target households through addressable TV ads.

The information should also help advertisers determine television ad effectiveness. "We can start to measure sales lift and the effect the advertising has on the consumer," said Mr. Wilson.

When it comes to ad targeting, theoretically an advertiser such as Home Depot might be able to isolate a viewer segment consisting of people who have shopped at a group of competitor stores. At this point, Mr. Wilson said he could not elaborate on the conquesting capabilities of the data enhancement.

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