How TV Advertisers Can Extend Their Targeting Into Mobile

Rentrak Feeds TV Data to PlaceIQ for Mobile Ad Targeting

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TV advertisers are tapping all sorts of data streams to better improve TV targeting, but that can work both ways. Now TV viewing data from Rentrak will flow to mobile tracking and targeting firm PlaceIQ.

The mobile company uses a variety of data sets to segment people who visit specific locations. For instance, it might know people who visited a Mazda dealership are more likely to own an SUV owners or traveled more than 10 miles from home to visit a store.

Now, PlaceIQ can layer on Rentrak TV viewing data representing 13 million households, allowing advertisers to extend TV buys to mobile. So, an advertiser buying "Modern Family" could extend a TV campaign to mobile display ads reaching people who watch the show.

PlaceIQ uses satellite data to carve physical locations into a grid-like system of 100x100 meter tiles. It ingests billions of data points referring to each of those areas, applying attributes to locations such as what type of business it is or the average household income of that small population. The company can detect a device ID when it is present at one location and later at another. The IDs are encrypted for privacy purposes.

"We look at the Rentrak data and we map it to our tiles," said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder of PlaceIQ.

The mobile targeting firm can track whether a device dwells in a particular location and over-indexes for sports TV viewing. Or, it can decipher whether a TV network attracts lots of travelers or music fans.

The promise is not only smarter ad targeting but connecting the virtual to the real world for advertisers. In the future, the paired data sets could help connect the fact that someone watched a retailer's ad to the fact that the device was spotted later in the retailer's bricks-and-mortar store.

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