A hi-fi-concept paper promo

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Carmichael Lynch Thorburn offers an engaging homage to the vinyl era in an LP-size eyeful on behalf of Appleton Coated's UIX Utopia line. The UIX brochure, entitled "Loud, Proud and Plenty of Soul," is a collection of faux album cover art that showcases the range of the paper while having all kinds of design fun with the album cover medium. The piece features, among other record concepts, a heavy metal album called White Space and a reggae album called Paper Soul Jah. And all the song titles, printed on the faux back covers, are frequently excruciating paper- and printing-related puns, like "Let Me Feel Your Surface" and "Foggy Image Breakdown." While design director Bill Thorburn acknowledges that "most under-30s wouldn't know an LP if it fell from the sky, designers, even those permanently connected to their iPods, are different. Young designers are totally into vinyl, and album cover art is as big now as it ever was," he insists.

Client: Appleton Coated Design: Carmichael Lynch Thorburn, Minneapolis Executive Design Director: Bill Thorburn Designer: David Schrimpf Copywriter: Dan Roettgerw.utopiapaper.com

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