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While life in the magazine business is nastier, more brutish and shorter than ever, it hasn't deterred a new group of ad industry publishers. Their efforts have meant that the mag hounds among us are being treated to an array of new titles we can feel that much closer to. BBH London's seriously slick new mag Zag leads the pack in design and content, living up to its "advertising/culture/inspiration" mandate and integrating ad talk and client coverage with general cultural morsels in a palatable and eye-pleasing manner. The launch issue features a stylishly doctored Samuel L. Jackson (the star of a BBH Barclay's campaign) on its cover. Inside, profiles of cultural persons of note, including photographer Mario Testino, chef Anthony Bourdain and architect Daniel Libeskind, mingle with BBH staffers and cleverly client-focused features, like a spread depicting personalities from a range of creative endeavors posing in Levi's (a BBH client, of course) jeans. The lot, unsurprisingly, is interspersed with ads from BBH clients. The mag is published for BBH by Show Media, led by managing director Peter Howarth. Publicis-backed Jaunt, published by Sibella, targets the globetrotting gal in all of us with a classic girl-mag format featuring short takes on products, shoes and destinations.

Meanwhile, several taste zones away, Therapy Films has issued a deliciously puzzling, eye-poppingly huge-format publication called Syling Lard magazine. The inaugural issue is devoted to Bad Barnet, a fictitious town in the Deep South, and the hairstyles of its citizens. Therapy's Mark Denton edits and art directs, with design help from Andy Dymock.

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