Blue is the New Black

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The overwhelmingly blue issue #5 of 86 the Onions' Bionic Arm, which the Venice, Calif., brand communications collective calls an "international pop culture trade thingy," is out. According to the 86ers, "Depending on how you look at its ever-evolving format, Bionic Arm is somewhere between a glorified newsletter and a crappy magazine. Or in the case of this issue, a collection of 20 mini posters and one gianormous one. Even though we're using some of the money we've earned from our clients, this is not brand-sponsored art. Instead, we'd like to think of it as art-sponsored branding. It's our way of saying thank you to all the people and companies that have recently inspired us, challenged us and given us an opportunity to do what we do best. " The poster angle means the issue is unbound, and the "gianormous" poster is an assemble-yourself deal, "should you choose to get on the floor and arrange the backs of each page like a puzzle," notes CD Chad Rea. For your viewing pleasure, the complete poster, which is overwhelmingly blue in more ways than one, is seen here. It's the work of Basso & Brooke, who are worth an extended look themselves.

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