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On behalf of street garb maker 55DSL, Amsterdam's KesselsKramer presented Giddy, a genetically modified pet/household helper, seen in a catalog that was equal parts Fischer Price and informational brochure. The "The Giddy Behaviour Guide," provided a treatise on the care and feeding of a terrifying yet oddly engaging little creature, described as the domestic animal of the future, an "ironing, vacuum cleaning bundle of genetically modified joy." Only the faintest clues to the commercial origin of the project were provided - a tiny-print web address for 55DSL appears on the inside back cover, and tiny-print descriptions of clothing appear on the sides of pages.

Agency: KesselsKramer CD: Dave Bell AD: Pim van Nunen; CW: Patrik van der Gronde Strategist: Chris Barrett Photography: CWS

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