Diesel in the Tropics

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Lobo, a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based animation and design studio affiliated with The Ebeling Group, has made a beautiful short promotional film for Diesel, called Lost Paradise, to be seen on Diesel's website (www.diesel.com/lostparadise) and in-store displays, as well as being distributed on a promo DVD. (Edited :30 and :60 versions will also play as cinema and TV spots in the U.S. and Europe.) The five-minute film, described by Diesel as a "journey into a surreal tropical landscape," features stop-motion and cel animation, along with live-action footage and motion graphics design, all of it inspired by the designs and textiles of the 2004 spring/summer Diesel collection. Lost Paradise was conceived as a "digital artistic experience," says Lobo founder/CD Mateus Santos. "Our creative team flew to Italy several times to meet with Diesel's design team, who gave us the intimate stories behind this season's beautiful textile designs. They spun such a fantastical tale, we were able to channel that into Lost Paradise. This was a phenomenal project for us-we had the opportunity to experiment with so many animation and design techniques " The film is composed of four chapters, with great music throughout, each one based on a theme from the four components of the collection: "Green Encounter," "Birds of Paradise," "Fish Ahoy!" and "Floral Eruption." In the words of Captain Beefheart, it's like two flamingos in a fruit fight.
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