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Oh, office culture. So much fodder for movie scripts, dinnertime conversation and analyst sessions. Now, those lovable freaks you work with have been immortalized in a series of trading cards and other items created by Corporate Kingdom, an arm of Salt Lake City's Cohezion Communications. The card series includes such office standards as the Office Bimbo, the Martyr, the Hypochondriac and the Gosseptionist. Collect all 12. Merchandise also includes a calendar, which features amusing date entries on behalf of the characters ("NRA BBQ" for the Power Monger; "fix nanny cam" for the Control Freak; nothing for the Slacker). The cards and other products were released in a test in Seattle and they launch in New York, D.C., San Francisco and Chicago this month. (TI)

Agency: Cohezion Communications, Salt Lake City Concept: Steve Hawkins, Tim Hall Copy: Tim Hall, Steve Hawkins Design/Illustration: Joel Jarrard

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