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New York design and animation company CA Square has worked up a new on-air environment for VH1 that demonstrates plenty of thinking outside the box-specifically that big VH1 onscreen logo box. Among its many elements, the project features 19 customized animated logos "designed to reflect the pop culture aspect of the network's programming," explains CA Square CD Carlos Ferreyros-a concept that owes its inspiration to none other than Andy Warhol. Idents and promo toolkits feature photography that is more specifically indebted to Warhol's cooly influential eye, says Ferreyros, but even the "logo family, which doesn't directly relate to Warhol's work, continues his theme of turning a mirror on pop culture."

Which, after all, is what VH1 is all about. The on-air package manages to "capture this culture in all its glory," claims Phil Debourgo, VH1 VP-brand and creative. "Its ironies, its contradictions and its excesses are all interwoven in a point of view that is uniquely VH1," a channel that "bears tireless witness to the famous and the famously ordinary alike."

"The logos were designed to live anywhere within the programming environment," says Ferreyros, "but especially as part of the most important branding area on the screen-the 'bug'-which is why we created a wide variety of themes that can work with different VH1 shows and emotions. The VH1 logo is composed of three very distinctive elements: the box, the VH1 text/logo and the 'Charlie,' the little tail-like wing element." This is a VH1-generated nickname that's become part of the design vocabulary at the channel, Ferreyros explains. "By manipulating, subtracting, rescaling or switching around one or two of these elements, we were able to really play with the logo while still maintaining the very strong identity. We were surprised by how far we could go without diminishing the VH1 branding property." In fact, he argues, messing with the logo like this "makes it even more VH1-like."


Client: VH1 Design/Production: CA Square ECD: Carlos Ferreyros Senior AD: Alejandro Melguizo Photographer: Alexandria Gershman Designer: Ryan Dunn Animators: Brian Spector, Molly Schwartz Producers: Kelley McDermott, Nina Goldberg

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