Green Eggs, No Ham

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Egg, a Seattle agency that "works only with responsible brands," as they put it, has a responsible self-promo in the form of a color swatch book in which everything is a shade of green. From most green to least green, there's Off-the-Power-Grid Green, Bike Commuter Green, Fair-Trade Coffee Green, Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Green, Organic Hot Dog Green, SUV Carpool Green and Red State Green. This reflects a wide-ranging demo, christened the 7-70 Consumer. As Egg promo copy explains, "7% of the population are socially responsible to the core. And 70% recycle. In between, there's a wide range of people who are motivated by aspects of social responsibility to different degrees. These are people of all ages and income levels who are looking for better brands that speak to their values of personal, social and environmental responsibility." Needless to say, the Eggs believe they know how to reach this consumer. As for the origins of the promo idea, CD Marty McDonald thanks Ford. Yeah, the carmaker. "While browsing through some publications, a creative here found an ad for the new hybrid Escape SUV," he recalls. "The ad has a thick green border that grades from dark green on the outside to a light green interior. Through a design component in one of its ads, we could see how a major auto company was struggling to reach this 'conscious consumer.' That led us to the swatch book." The book was designed by Kris Delaney of Seattle's Wholesale Distributors, a firm that works solely for ad agencies.

Client: Self-Promo Agency: Egg, Seattle CD/AD Marty McDonald CW: Geoffrey Abraham Designer: Kris Delaney/Wholesale Distributors

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