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The Miami-based team known as Friends With You-Sam Borkson and Tury Sandoval- are part-time designers and full-time artists and toymakers (see Creativity, October 2004) whose recent projects include the Denmark-based Project Fox, a VW-sponsored showcase that called upon 21 young artists around the world to completely redesign a 61-room Copenhagen hotel, transforming it into Hotel Fox, each of the rooms reflecting the various artists' sensibilities. The Friends designed four suites, including the Two Swans fertility shrine (upper right), the description of which notes, "Welcome to your carnal self. We take this opportunity to reacquaint you with your natural creative instincts." There's also the King Albino room, based on one of the Friends' popular stuffed toys, which is a "place to harness good energy, regain your youthfulness and rest blissfully" (shown here with Borkson and Sandoval); the "Heavenly Palace" (far left), occupied by Friends' character the Red Flyer, which represents the team's "version of the entire universe" and invites guests to "enjoy being at one with the universe at least for a couple days"; and, finally, Harmony's Helm (bottom right). With a hidden bell for guests to uncover, it's a room Borkson and Sandoval describe as "a place where secrets can be revealed internally and literally." In conjunction with the hotel, the Friends also created an art installation in which they transformed a VW Fox into a cuddly beast, rendering it totally cute but completely undriveable (exterior and interior also shown here). Although the project closed in late spring, Borkson and Sandoval have continued their merrymaking, and at the beginning of July they launched their latest line of toys, the Good Wood Gang, characters from which will was also be featured in an upcoming children's book.

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