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Bugaboo Daytrips provides family-friendly city tours intended to keep parents and their children in happy tourist mode, with maps and itineraries downloadable online. The series has previously bopped around Europe, covering Edinburgh, Brighton, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona and two sections of London. A U.S. Daytrips effort recently kicked off with guides to New York and Los Angeles, supported by metro print and outdoor ads. The entire effort is spearheaded by L.A. agency 72andSunny, which has commissioned designers to map each locale. "Central to the Daytrips campaign is the fact that Bugaboo is a design-led company," explain agency CDs John Boiler and Glenn Cole. "Collaborating with talented designers from around the world is fundamental to Bugaboo's way of working; the company wants the design community at large to participate in shaping the look, feel and nature of its brand." As for the remarkable eye candy value of most of the maps, it's of course quite intentional. As the CDs note, "The design approach is simple: Make a functional art piece that represents the spirit of the day's outing while clearly guiding the daytrippers from one destination to the next. We want to create a bunch of functional, mobile art pieces that don't require a map of the map and at the same time have enough value as art to be collectible. And they have to be whimsical and fun to look at, for the kids."

Each map is designed by a local artist, and each artist reviews the trip itself, "looking for elements of inspiration from the destinations," they add. For example, "the dimensional red elements from the Central London map were inspired by an installation piece at the Tate Modern featuring a giant, twirling red fabric. In this way, the nature of a city and its specific points of interest drives the map design."

Client: Bugaboo Agency: 72andSunny CDs: Glenn Cole, John Boiler, Robert Nakata Strategy: Greg Perlot Project Managers: Floyd Rocker, Evin Shutt

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