Motion Graphics/Broadcast Design: Herman Miller/Animal Planet

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Two projects from Imaginary Forces: First, Herman Miller's "Get Real" promo video, designed and produced by IF, is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of "Real/Not Real" juxtapositions, touting the client's designer furniture, backed by a swingin' Charlies Mingus track.

Agency: Fairly Painless Advertising CD: Peter Bell AD: Julie Lang [Imaginary Forces] Directors: Karin Fong, Grant Lau Designers: Karin Fong, Grant Lau, Dan Meehan Editor: Mark Hoffman Animators: Grant Lau, Dan Meehan Producer: Ken Wallace Music: Musikvergnuegen

Second, Animal Planet's on-air redesign featured fabulous animated animal footage, which, frankly, has considerably more eye appeal than almost every program on the channel - unless that crazy Aussie gator guy turns you on.

CD: Matthew Kennedy [Imaginary Forces] Producers: Peter Frankfurt, Anita Olan, Claudina Mercado, Ben Apley AD: Michelle Dougherty Designers: Dan Meehan, Rob Bolick, Jason Walker, Michelle Dougherty, Kyoung Kim, Tim Ko, Alice Feng, Mark Kim, Jan Ny, Brian Won, Mike Jakab, Peggy Oei, Michael Riley Animators: Sean Koriakin, Dan Meehan, John Nguyen, Juan Monasterio, Teresa Williams, Brumby Boylston, Rob Bolick, Jan Ny, Mark Kim, Arya Senboutaraj, Earl Burnley, Bonnie Rosenstein, Charles Khoury, Brian Castleforte, Adrian Sairin Illustrator: Brett Krauss Editors: Vic Carbonneau, Danielle White

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