Promo Sexuality

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"I'm sure that we've all had the same experience, watching MTV and being numbed and underwhelmed by the million dollar videos and beach-house programming, but being captivated by the graphics and visuals that MTV uses to introduce their programs." So begins Moby's introduction to Not Teflon: MTV Design + Promos, a cute lil' $29.95 hardcover from Universe Publishing, edited by Jeffrey Keyton. Moby goes on to point out that "there is a dearth of creativity in the world of music. Marketing has, in many cases, replaced creativity, and homogeneity has often replaced idiosyncrasy and personality, which is why MTV's graphics stand out in such sharp relief to . . . the pop music fodder that they often introduce." He continues, "What is most satisfying about these irreverent and compelling visuals is that they reach millions and millions of people. There's a lot of challenging and groundbreaking design work being done in the world today, but most of it remains unseen or unnoticed except by a small urban cognoscenti. The challenging and compelling graphics contained in this book are extra-special because they reach into the heartland where they serve as a small but satisfying beacon of integrity and invention." Now back to Real World in the Road Rules Beach House.
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