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New York has an optimistic 2012 Olympic logo, and if it looks a bit schizoid, well, so do half the people in the subway. It's the work of Brian Collins and the Brand Integration Group at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, and Collins, in a statement, offered some thoughts on the project. "New York is a city fueled by many things: ambition, energy and the power of unleashed human imagination. But perhaps more than anything else, New York is fueled by hope. But how do you create a logo about hope? Our goal was to create a symbol for NYC 2012 that would communicate this sense of hope shared by both the spirit of New York and the spirit of the Olympic Games. We also believed that the symbol had to reference athletics quite literally. And it had to be to be simple and universal-instantly clear to anyone from around the world. We explored many different New York icons, but none of them reinforced the magnitude of the Olympic Games as powerfully as the Statue of Liberty. The statue carries the same bright ideals as the Olympics: the timeless hope to achieve. With Liberty in place, we needed an equally powerful athletic icon. But it had to be a gesture representing every sport, not just one. As we studied Olympic film footage from the past, my colleague, designer Bill Darling, noticed that the athletes in almost every sport spontaneously lifted their arms overhead in their moment of celebration. When Bill realized that gesture fit so naturally with Liberty's upraised torch, the design solution seemed almost inevitable. We then put one side of this symbol against green, the color of the Statue of Liberty; the other half of the symbol is blue, reminding us that all people across the earth look up to the same blue sky. We hope the combination of these gestures will make for one idea: New York's celebration of the Olympic spirit." Frankly, the arms aren't big enough to reflect the most important thing about athletic achievement: steroids.

Client: NYC2012 Design: Brand Integration Group/Ogilvy & Mather ECD: Brian Collins CD: Weston Bingham Designers: Stella Bugbee, Bill Darling, Bobby Martin Brand Strategy: Eva Gajzer Production: Bob Zeltmann

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