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Two new exhibitions at New York's Museum of Sex have engendered two new logos, from the local office of Pentagram, the Museum's go-to design guys. "Get Off! Exploring the Pleasure Principle," and "Sex Among the Lotus: 2,500 Years of Chinese Erotic Obsession," are the work of Pentagram designer Brett Traylor, who explains the thrust of the projects. "The subject of 'Get Off,' while probably not the most 'photogenic' of design challenges, ended up providing enough primitive emotion and power in its name alone," says Traylor. "As a term for masturbation or orgasm, 'get off' is a somewhat raw slang. This is reflected by the broken-up, violated monoweight typeface. The use of a single physical word to do the job normally done by two seemed like an idea consistent with the theme, as well." On the other hand, "Sex Among the Lotus" is "entirely about Chinese sexual culture, and we felt that the use of actual Chinese characters was too obvious to ignore, given their intrinsic beauty and sensuality. The logotype uses the Chinese character for 'sex/nature' as its centerpiece, replacing the E and flanked by the letters S and X. To complement the logotype and complete the visual identity, we commissioned a photograph of a lotus flower."

Client: Museum of Sex Design: Pentagram/New York Principal: Michael Bierut Designer: Brett Traylor Photographer: Doris Mitsch Calligrapher: Amy Wang

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