Stacking the Duality Deck

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New York design/effects/animation company Pure has an ongoing business card project that explores the slogan "Good shit." No kidding. In fact, one of the cards says just that. "The cards are a manifesto for our company to articulate its identity," explains CD Aaron King. "The 'Good shit' phrase itself reflects the contrast built into our vision, which sets the standard for our creative-we only want 'good shit.' Other cards explore this duality in extreme visuals; we want our viewers to question the relationship of right and wrong, good and bad, tasteful and gross." So the first card featured the holy helter skelter of Charlie Manson and Mother Teresa. "This was designed to establish that we could explore extremes," explains King. The flipsides of the cards have the usual info presented in a fairly standard manner. As for the Art Nouveau-ish vine motif that runs through all the cards, "it represents the purity of nature," says King. "It connects each individual concept while changing its character and style depending on its backdrop. It's at once natural and unnatural."

Design: Pure, N.Y. CD: Aaron King Designers: Aaron King, Tim Barker, Kristie Gerhart, Juan Rosenfeldt, Paul Wei Illustrators: Kristie Gerhart, Pat King, Paul Wei Photographer/Producer: Tim Barker

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