Surf's Up in Seattle

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Seattle brand development and design firm Kendall Ross has created the brand and retail program for a new line of men's and women's surfwear from Surfer's Quest. "Creating the Surfer's Quest brand was as much about capturing its mystique and irony through storytelling as developing a design experience that appeals to the target demographic," says principal Tim Ross. "We wanted the brand to take people on a slightly misguided road trip to a place that's familiar yet surprising." According to Ross, the company "set out to define the mindset of the typical surf junkie-the adventurous spirit who seeks awesome surf in any location. Those attitudes and character traits make up the 'ironic authenticity' of Surfer's Quest, its core brand attributes. We then combined that irreverent ideology within the context of Seattle, where surfing, of course, is nonexistent." With a "Northwest color palette, a quirky collection of offbeat quotes and wave rider photography combined with an assortment of kitsch vintage icons, we spin the Surfer's Quest brand story-that of a group of dedicated surf enthusiasts who arrive in Seattle in search of killer sets in the city of jets." Adds senior designer Scott Friesen, "Surfers are an inherently optimistic breed, willing to go to the ends of the earth for the right conditions. So it gets really interesting when we fuse that ethic with the culturally rich, yet big-wave-challenged locale of the Emerald City." Can't Bill Gates just pay to have the ocean moved closer?

Client: Surfer's Quest Design: Kendall Ross, Seattle CD: David Kendall Senior Designer: Scott Friesen Designer: Ensi Mofasser Production Designer: Willem Buys

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